I spent £15k on a mummy makeover after having three kids by 20 – I hated my saggy boobs and floppy belly

WHEN Karla Chacksfield gave birth to her third child by the age of 20, she began to hide her post-pregnancy body under baggy clothes as she hated her ‘mum tum’. 

But ten years on, the mum-of-three realised she wanted a change and so she decided to spend £15,000 on ‘mummy makeover’. 

Now Karla Chacksfield, 32, loves taking selfies and flaunting her size 10 figure on her Instagram page.

Karla, from East Sussex, decided to go under the knife in November 2020 after getting fed up of feeling ashamed of her body after having three kids by the time she was 21. 

The business owner fell pregnant with her first son at 15 when she was a size 8, she had her second aged 19 and her third son aged 20. By 21, she was wearing size 14/16 clothes.

Karla said: “I was a young mum so my body went through a lot of changes while I was still growing myself. 

“I was left with split core muscles, a tummy overhang and empty saggy boobs from the weight fluctuations and breastfeeding. No amount of dieting would have got rid of that.

“For years, I’ve hid myself in baggy clothes, not taken part in swimming lessons or swimming on holiday with my kids and I would just sit and spectate, feeling such sadness watching on.” 

In 2017, Karla, who works in network marketing, lost around 2st in weight, dropping to 9.5st for her wedding to husband Adam, 36. 

But the weight crept back and by 2020, she was a size 12 and weighed 12st 2lbs. 

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She hated her ‘mum tum’ and said jeans didn’t fit her so she hid her frame in baggy clothes and oversized T-shirts.  

Karla added: “Family holidays and summertime was my least favourite time of the year. I would always cover up because of how I felt I looked. 

“I would rather be sweating in leggings or jeans and T-shirts than feel self-conscious with summer clothes on. 

“I also barely have any photos of myself from the chest down over the years as I hated how I looked. 

“I've always wanted to have a mummy makeover once I was finished having my family and once I was fully able to afford it.”

During lockdown, Karla decided to book in for surgery, using £15,000 from her savings.

I would rather be sweating in leggings or jeans and T-shirts than feel self-conscious with summer clothes on

She had a full tummy tuck, muscle repair, liposuction to love handles, a breast uplift and augmentation in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

The mum-of-three was in pain for five days and described first waking up as feeling as if somebody had “sat on her”. 

But when she first looked in the mirror, she couldn’t believe it was the same woman staring back.

“I needed to do this for me, to feel more confident, I covered myself up way more than I should at my age,” explained Karla. 

“This included a lot of work, a full tummy tuck to remove loose skin, muscle repair as when you carry children your muscles separate to allow the uterus to grow and then a breast uplift. 

“I even had a hernia repaired which was found during the op itself and some lipo to the love handles.”

Karla decided to document and share her journey on social media.

After surgery, Karla ditched her boring wardrobe and now loves wearing bright colours and figure-hugging dresses. She also says she’s a happier and more confident mum and wife.

Karla said: “I know some may not agree with this and I’ve had people ask why I’ve spent that money on myself. 

“One, no exercise would have sorted the loose overhang I had and the separation I had in my muscles. Two, I needed to do this for me.

“I've never in my life felt this new wave of confidence in myself. I catch myself smiling more, I love what I see in the mirror for once and I don't need to hide my body!

“I can't stop buying underwear or tighter clothes and I feel happier at home as crazy as that seems. I've not felt this happy in my own skin, for as long as I can remember.” 

Karla now can’t wait to wear a bikini on holiday and swim in the pool with her husband and their three sons, ages 16, 12 and 11. 

She’s a size 10/12 and weighs 11st 11lbs. She’s also more mindful with the food she eats and exercises regularly. 

Having her tummy muscles fixed has helped with her core strength and she enjoys pilates and yoga.

Karla added: “I’ve been so open with my journey on social media and privately. Doing so has helped so many people, I truly believe it's such a taboo having these kinds of procedures. 

“But if you really want cosmetic surgery, go for it. Just make sure it’s what you truly want and it’s being done for you and no one else. 


“Not for looking good for others, not because a celebrity has a body you want. Do it for you and only you. Friends have noticed how much more confident I am too.

“I’ve gone from barely having any photos of myself to now happily posing! 

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“I’ve missed out on so much but not anymore as my surgery has given me a whole new outlook, body positivity and self love that I thought I would never have. 

“My sons are happy that I’m happy, they can tell I’m happier in myself and my husband has been my biggest supporter, he loves that I’m more confident and ’m happier in my own skin.”  

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