“I tried the no-heat bathrobe curls trick that's all over TikTok”

Written by Hanna Ibraheem

Viral videos on TikTok show that bouncy curls and waves could lie in your bathroom belt. So, Stylist’s senior beauty writer Hanna Ibraheem put it to the test.

Like most millennials I know, I finally bit the bullet and did it. I signed up to TikTok. Within just a few minutes, I was hooked. Every scroll brought me viral dances I’m not even remotely cool enough to attempt, emotional love stories and even mesmerising art projects. Then, I stumbled across the hacks.

TikTok is filled with clever tips and tricks for a wide range of things and one in particular really stood out to me: no-heat bathrobe curls – and yes, they’re exactly what they sound like.

Bathrobe curls involves splitting your hair into two sections and braiding each side with your bathrobe belt. After sleeping on it overnight, take the bathrobe belt out of your hair and you should be left with swishy curls or waves.

Now, I often plait my hair when it’s slightly damp at night and take it out in the morning for quick, easy waves – but what struck me about this trick is that the people in these TikTok videos have done it on dry hair. Slightly sceptical about how effective it could really be, I decided to try it for myself.

My hair is naturally wavy, so in order to give bathrobe belt curls a true test, I dusted off my straighteners and roughly ran them through my hair. Though, let it be noted, I only used heat here for a fair test – not as part of the TikTok trick, so it’s still technically a no-heat style.

Then, I got the all-important tool: my bathrobe belt. 

Since the trick went viral – one video by US user Bri Harmon has garnered 1.2 million views and counting – there has been many variations of it, including tights and scarves.

My hair is long and quite thick so I stuck with the original bathrobe belt, figuring it would help to give me the loose curls I love. I lay it over the top of my head, felt like a bit of an idiot and got to plaiting on either side, weaving the belt with my hair. 

Once I was done, I lay down on my bed to sleep – except, I couldn’t. The belt was so big and bulky, I couldn’t lay my head down properly. So, I took it out and decided I would put it in first thing in the morning instead so that I could still wear it for eight hours. Plus, this way, my parents have been able to get a bit of a laugh out of it, too.

Once eight hours was up, I unravelled my hair (and yes, I recorded it because I may even do my own TikTok video of the process) and I have to say, I quite liked the results.

While my bathrobe belt gave me more of a wavy finish than curly, I love the look of it, along with the fact that I was able to achieve it without applying any heat. Also, it’s a nice way to alternative to sleeping with damp hair.

While I would’ve liked a more curly finish, I think that was my fault. I used my bathrobe belt as part of a three-way braid, while some people use the belt in a fish tail braid, adding small sections of hair as they move down. 

Next time, I’ll try that (if I can manage), along with a slightly thinner belt so I can wear it overnight, but for now, I’m actually impressed.

Images: Hanna Ibraheem

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