I was a lip filler addict and once even had 6ml pumped into my pout… my obsession left me looking totally botched | The Sun

A BEAUTY enthusiast has shared her lip filler journey, which at its peak saw her have a whopping 6ml injected into her pout.

Young mum Abby took to TikTok to share snaps of herself throughout the years, as she found herself ''addicted to lip filler''.

At the start of the journey, the 23-year-old parent, who recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl named Fleur, Abby pumped in 1ml of filler into her lips.

However, despite appearing fuller, it seemed that the beauty enthusiast, from the UK, was not satisfied with the look, as she soon added more.

This, the video on her page revealed, left her with a juicy pair of lips with 2ml of filler.

At some in the two year addiction Abby also found herself with 3ml pumped into the pout – but this soon changed after she added a whopping 2ml in one go and ended up with 5ml.

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At the height of the lip filler craze, the young mum decided to opt for 6ml.

But after months of being addicted, it appears that Abby realised she may have gone overboard, as the woman had the filler dissolved recently.

Looking back at her journey, Abby said she no longer cares what the trolls have to say and added she wished she had stopped at 1ml.

''Nothing you can say will hurt me now i heard it all.''

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Now, the blonde stunner has chosen a more natural look posing with just 0.75ml of lip filler – and vowed to add ''no more''.

Explaining why she didn't stop earlier, Abby revealed that at the time she was simply ''stubborn'' and ''no one could tell'' her any different back then.


Since being shared on the popular social media platform less than 24 hours ago, the clip has racked up close to 19k views.

Some TikTok users flocked to comments to share their thoughts, with one writing: ''The 1ml looked perfect!''

Another chimed in: ''At least you can see it now it’s a learning curve filler is.''

A fellow beauty enthusiast shared their experience: ''I've had 4.8ml in total as I've has 4X 1.2ml and honestly after 2 – 3 weeks each time you can't even tell.''

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