I won't spend a penny I don't have to, I won't have my car fixed and I reuse mouthwash to save money

A MAN goes to such extreme lengths to save money he even reuses his own mouthwash, with his wife branding him a total ‘cheapskate’. 

Kristina and Mason Roberts, from the US, live on a strict budget, with Mason watching every single penny – which includes keeping tabs on his wife’s spending. 

The pair appeared on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, with Mason revealing the shocking lengths he goes to to save 11p (15 cents). 

He shows off a giant bottle of mouthwash to the camera, and after taking a swig he spits it into another bottle to save for later. 

After doing the calculations, Mason said: “It just seemed like such a waste to only use mouthwash once when it’s antiseptic anyways. 

“There’s 30 uses in that big mouthwash, and about 30 cents (22p) a use, but if I reuse it a second time that gets it down to 15 cents a use because I’ll have 60 uses.

“I just keep two bottles, one with the brand new stuff one with the once-used stuff.

“She doesn’t like to do what I do, but I think it’s great.” 

He points out Kristina’s bottle of single-use mouthwash, as she said her husband ‘drives her crazy’ with his thrifty ways. 

After popping out for a drink in town, Kristina gets a call from Mason, asking her why she’d just bought an iced tea at Coffee Time for £2.89 ($4). 

He explained: “I have alerts that tell me whenever money is being spent on the credit or debit cards, so I can make sure Kristina’s not spending on on things that don’t really need to be bought."

Slamming her purchase, he tells her: “You could have bought a whole box of iced tea and it would have lasted the month for $4. We’ve talked about this frivolous spending.”

He claims they’re nearly out of money for the month, saying: “Kristina still has some lessons to learn about sticking to the budget.

“We’re almost maxed out on the budget for the month.”

But bizarrely Kristina reveals the pair aren’t hard-up, as they have a small fortune squirreled away, and blames Mason’s tight ways on his family. 

She reveals: “The irony of the whole situation is that we don’t need to be this extreme. We have a good savings account.

“He’s very tight with the budget, the budget is the budget and that’s it.

“When it comes to anything regarding money he has tunnel vision and all he can see is the savings, and it’s maddening.”

Mason echoes that, saying if Kristina left to her own devices with spending, it would be an ‘ugly picture’. 

He added: “I believe a budget is the budget, and when you get to the end of it you have to stop spending until your budget starts over, that’s how it works.”

But his cheapness was beginning to worry Kristina, after she revealed she couldn’t drive her car over safety fears. 

“I don’t want to die because my husband is too cheap to fix my car”, she said. 

When quizzed over why she was getting rides everywhere, Kristina fumed: “He knows why I won’t drive my car. 

“When we went to pick it up after the oil change, and the guy said you need to fix the car, he said it was a safety issue. 

“The mechanic said the car has issues and he won’t address them, he won't take it seriously, so it’s highly annoying. It's more than annoying, it's scary.”

Mason claims he knows ‘what needs to be done and what they’re trying to sell you’, but agrees to have his cousin Joe ‘come and look at it for free’. 

As well as general spending, Mason saves money by on groceries too, after being given a shopping list from Kristina for chilli.

He says it ‘makes no sense’ and ‘expensive ingredients is a waste of money', as he ditches her list for cheaper alternatives, including discounted cheese.

While he even tries to buy some expired yoghurts, which the staff member tells him he’s ‘not allowed’ to sell him over health and safety issues. 

Mason says rather than buying Kristina’s ingredients to make a ‘$100 pot of chilli’, he’s managed to spend only around $8 – and that involves ditching supermarket meat for cuts he’s hunted or fished himself.

He proudly said: “By hunting and fishing I estimate we save $600 to $700 a year in the cost of meat.”

But it doesn’t go down well with Kristina, who says: “I wish you could stop being so cheap and buy beef at the grocery store like everyone else.

“I’ve eaten so much venison, I’m sick of it.”

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