I worked at CVS – there's a reason the shelves are always so dusty & the trays are gross too | The Sun

A PRIOR CVS employee has claimed that the store shelves and medicine trays they use don't get cleaned as often as you would think.

Speaking to The Sun, the ex-employee revealed that at their particular location, they simply didn't tidy up as often as they should.

"The shelves are super dusty and dirty. We would have to clean them and it was so gross," the previous employee recalled.

They revealed that the reason behind the excessive shelf mess was that they could only clean the shelves when they had downtime. That happened to be once every two weeks.

The ex-employee also disclosed that the trays that they used for the medicine at their particular location were also dirty.

The purpose of these trays is to count the medication to ensure that customers receive the correct amount.

The count is typically done with a tray and spatula so that employees don't touch the medicine with their hands.

The previous employee explained: "Some medications can’t be mixed or touched by other [medications], so we’re supposed to clean the tray to remove remnants and residue, and my supervisor and team members didn’t do it.

"Also, the trays we use in general should be cleaned cause they get gross, but you know they didn’t [clean them]."

The Sun has reached out to CVS for comment but has not heard back.

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In other news, a Costco employee previously revealed that workers at the chain deliberately move items to confuse customers, and it's all about getting you to spend more money.

Employee Paige Saunders claimed that the directions to move things around come from corporate.

She stated: "When you're in the search of something specific, they move them so you spend time looking for it and on the way, [and] pick up other things."

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