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AFTER seeing many people clean their cast iron pans the wrong way, one professional chef took it upon herself to educate the masses.

Taking to her social media account, Abby said that she would follow a few crucial steps to clean it after having cooked a meal. 

The first step, she said, was to take a paper towel and wipe the surface of the pan to get rid of any debris leftover. 

If there are bits that have stuck onto the bottom of the pan and can’t be lifted easily, then you need to put some coarse salt on it and use a metal scrub to gently remove it. 

“The salts can act as an abrasive and help loosen up those stuck on bits,” she explained. 

After the pan is smoothed down, you can rinse it out with water.

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She added: “If your pan still looks bad you can use water, it’s ok. I promise.” 

However, she continued: “The enemy of cast iron is water so we need to get this really dry. 

“To do that, I’m just going to put this on the stove. Just heat the pan until there’s no more water on it.”

Once it’s completely dry, Abby said you need to put some oil that has a high smoke point on it. 

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Putting some vegetable oil on a paper towel the chef then coated the entire pan before putting it back on the stove for three minutes.

“Just one more wipe down and it’s good as new,” TikTok user @abbyinthegalley added as the video came to an end. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “I boil water in the pan to break up stuck on food. Little to no abrasives needed. Wash and dry throughly before drying on heat then add oil.” 

Another shared: “Seems like a lot of work to me… I hate doing dishes enough already”.

A third said: “Yeah! Don’t think I wanna do that every day. I’ll look for another alternative,” followed by a smiling emoji. 

While a fourth joked: “Soooo what I'm hearing is… Don't buy cast iron, it's too much effort for someone who washes dishes once a week”.

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