I’m a country girl – guys love me but I’m single at 21, I keep my standards high for the man who’ll run my farm with me | The Sun

A FARMER'S daughter has shared the reasons why she keeps her standards and won't settle for less at 21 years old.

The country girl expressed her willingness to remain single until she meets the right man to run her family farm with her in several TikTok videos.

TikTok creator Alicia Earl is a farmer's daughter who wholeheartedly relishes the farm life.

She typically posts content about her daily life as a single, 21-year-old who enjoys making memories with her friends.

In a video on the platform, the young woman explains why she keeps her dating standards high and isn't ready to jump into a relationship with just anyone.

Working on a farm takes a great deal of time, dedication, and effort, so Alicia would like a man who will match that energy and more.


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The video begins with the blonde standing in a filled with tractors and other farm machinery.

She turns in a circle, as she holds the camera in front of her, showing viewers all of the contents of the large room on the farm.

It's evident that she's at work on the farm, as shown by the large black jacket, gray leggings, and white sneakers she's wearing.

The words on the screen read: "Of course my standards are high, can't just pick any MF to run the farm with me."

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Being a farmer's daughter is something that the young adult is very proud of and she consistently posts videos showing off that part of herself.

In another video, Earl can be seen on a tractor on the farm as she shows off her curvy and toned body shape and wears a black crop top and gray leggings.

The audio simply says "Guys love blonde girls, especially those with blue eyes."

Upon the voiceover saying "blue eyes," the subtitle "a farmer's daughter" appears and couldn't be more right.

According to a TikTok user in the comments,being in a relationship with a farmer's daughter is a dream for many farmers.

Many viewers also expressed their willingness to step up to the challenge and win her over.

"If nobody’s good enough I’m gonna have to step in," one viewer commented.

"I have about 100 hours on Farming simulator 2017 and 2019…Also when I was a kid, I'd join my grandpa on farm work," another shared.

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"I've worked on a dairy farm pretty much all my life. I'm keen to help you out?" another inquired.

"Keep them high beautiful you deserve the best. Hope you have an incredible weekend," a viewer praised.

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