I’m a fashion expert – these are the eight ways you're ruining your outfit – I bet you’re guilty of at least one of them | The Sun

WHEN it comes to looking well put-together the most important thing is the outfit you wear.

But according to this fashion expert, it doesn't really matter how stylish your look is if you're still letting these subtle mistakes ruin your outfit.

Shea Whitney is a lover of all things fashion and often shares useful hacks on her YouTube channel.

She recently revealed some of the small but mighty mistakes that she sees people make all the time, and I bet you're guilty of at least one of them.

Don't worry though, there's an easy fix for all of them, so you can get back to look chic and not tacky in no time.

Keeping a hair-tie on your wrist

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We all do it, and while it may be practical it can instantly cheapen and ruin an otherwise stylish look.

She said: "Just remember to take off the good old hair-tie.

"You can look very prim, proper and polished and then the hair-tie brings it down."

Not removing belt loops

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Of course, belt loops on jeans and trousers that are thick and serve a purpose are fine, but the stringy ones that usually come on dresses have got to go.

The fashion guru suggested snipping off the belt loops, "I really think they're only there for the clothing stores to keep the belt together with the dress."

Once you've removed the pesky loops you're free to place the belt wherever is most flattering on your body shape.

Not removing hanger loops

It doesn't matter if you tuck them away, hanger loops always find a way to peek out and ruin your outfit.

"I know the purpose is to help hang up the item, but most of the time I don't need help with these stringy things," Shea explained.

She suggested using felt hangers to stop clothes slipping off of hangers.

Wearing dull whites

Overtime your favourite white clothes can become drab and grey looking and it's just not going to make your outfit look good.

Bleach is always a good option if you want to inject some new life into your white clothes, otherwise it's time to wave goodbye.

Not washing jeans properly

According to the style queen, we should all be washing our jeans inside out – who knew?

This is especially important with darker jeans since they will fade more and end up looking cheap.

Not using a lint roller

Using a lint roller is vital if you've got fluffy friends running around your home.
But according to the pro you should keep one on hand even if your household is pet-free.

"Even if you don't have animals lint just magically appears," She said.

Wearing creased clothes

Wrinkled clothes instantly make an outfit look cheap and slouchy.

Take the time to iron your clothes before you wear them for a more put-together look.

Shea recommended using a steamer: "It just gets those wrinkles out so fast and there's no ironing."

Wearing oversized clothes

Despite when current trends might be telling you, wearing clothes that are very oversized can ruin an outfit.

The pro said: "If you're self-conscious about your body a lot of people wear oversized clothes to hide things and not show of their figure because they don't like it.

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"I think that's actually worse and you're ruining your outfit or your look even more."

Instead try and find a way to show off your curves by using a belt or opting for something more fitted.

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