I'm a fashion pro – five things people should avoid if they don't want to look tacky & baggy T-shirts are a big no | The Sun

AS the temperature begins to gradually creep up, many of us may be tempted to reach for the denim shorts.

But according to elegance expert Antonia Higham, from the UK, they're the tacky option…and you'd look far more elegant slipping into a pair of high-waisted white shorts instead.

And that's not the only garment she recommends people steer clear of this spring.

In her most recent video titled 'Tacky VS Elegant Spring edition,' the elegance guru offers her top fashion dos and don'ts.

And when it comes to different stylesof hats, Antonia has some very strong opinions.

Bucket hats may have seen a huge comeback since the Noughties when they were worn by the likes of Brad Pitt and Britney Spears, but if it was up to Antonia, they'd be firmly staying in the past.


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The elegance expert thinks they're totally tacky and advises opting for a stylish straw hat if you're hoping to look a little more elegant.

Next in the firing line is a strappy corset-style floral mini dress.

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Antonia notes that more elegant ladies would opt for a long-sleeved floaty dress which falls just about the knee.

Finally, she recommends wearing a 3/4 length sleeved round neck T-shirt rather than an oversized, baggy top.

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Addressing social media users in the comments section, Antonia asked: "What is the worst on this list ladies? I’m voting the bucket hats."

And she wasn't short of answers – with people sharing their very mixed opinions.

"I don't know, I feel like denim shorts can be elegant if they're clean and well-made," argued one.

A second noted: "I cannot stand the bucket hats."

A third penned: "One’s tacky is another's classy, very subjective, being classy is more a personality trait than an outfit."

And a further added: "Denim shorts can definitely be classy."

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