I’m a gypsy and here are 14 things I hate – I can’t stand it when girls don’t wear fake lashes…it makes you look weird | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the 14 random things that she hates and it’s left people in hysterics.

Suzy, who is a gypsy, explained that not only does she despise emoji toilet paper and personalised socks, but she also can’t stand it when girls don’t wear fake eyelashes.

As well as this, she shared her hatred for the colour purple and people who take their penny change.

Posting on social media, Suzy said: “Things I don't like, with little to no explanation.

“Picture toilet paper – I don't understand why you'd want t**d emojis on toilet paper.

“Platform flip flops.

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“Mop socks.”

Suzy then shared her thoughts on the locks on washing tablet packs, as well as orange juice in plastic bottles and personalised socks.

She added: “Locks on washing tablets – I don't know why people keep saying that children are still able to get into them, because I can't f*****g get into them.

“Orange juice in a plastic milk bottle – don't ask me why, I just not able for it.

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“Personalised socks – I feel like it's the only acceptable present you give to people you don't like. I hate them.”

Not only this, but Suzy also hates having to pay for sauces at McDonald’s, as well as banana milkshakes.

She explained: “Having to pay for sauces at McDonald's – don't bother doing it if you're getting a delivery, because they don't come, so you're paying to not receive your sauces.

“Banana milkshake – there are other options. That's disgusting.”

The traveller girl continued, as she revealed the things people do which get on her nerves, as well as her thoughts on the colour purple.

She noted: “People wear a jumper, jacket and a coat, all in one. I know we live in England, but it's not that cold.

“The colour purple – I just don't like it.

“Seeing girls wear make-up but not doing their eyelashes. If you haven't got any falsies, pop a bit of mascara on. It looks weird without them.

“Seeing people chew on a Curly Wurly – it's like watching a camel grazing.

“People who take a penny change – there's no point. Just put it in the charity box.

“People eating an orange and then licking their fingers. Gives me the ick.” 

Suzy’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @cuzinsuzy92 and shared just one day ago, has quickly amassed 22,000 views.

Social media users were left in hysterics at Suzy’s clip and many took to the comments to share their dislikes. 

One person said: “ I swear you’re spot on about McDonald’s.”

Another added: “Omg the eye lashes one. For years I've thought this. And it’s them people that do it everyday, not as a one off thing. That’s just their bald eye LOOK.”

A third commented: “The milkshake one is agreeable!! I hate anything banana!!”

Whilst someone else claimed: “Can’t stand purple.”

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Meanwhile, another chimed in: “Omg the orange juice in the milk bottle. I hate it….”

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