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A PROFESSIONAL hair whizz has revealed what happens when your hair vocabulary is not spot on.

Just like experts of any other industry, hairdressers use specific lingo when doing their job – and Joie Judge (@joie_judge) took to TikTok to spill the beans.

According to the hairstylist, from Colorado, the US, there is a common phrase that a lot of clients tend to get all wrong when visiting the salon.

This, she revealed in the video, is asking for ''one or two layers''.

Although you may not think much of it and hope to leave the chair with a stunning look, Joie revealed what one or two layers actually look like.

Instead of layered look that would give your locks more volume and dimensions, you will be left with a choppy mess and exactly what you had asked for – two layers of hair.


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To make sure you don't experience this hair horror, Joie suggested to always arrive ready with photos of what you want.

Dozens of beauty fans flocked to comments, where many thanked the guru for sharing the information.

One hair-rified TikTok fan said: ''This happened to me but I literally asked for lots of choppy layers & looked like a shelf.''

Someone else had a similar experience, sharing: ''I told my hairdresser I didn't want layers and yet she still cut layers like that!''

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''The way I absolutely know this was to be about '1 or 2 layers,'' a third added.

Recently. another expert warned women to stop doing an easy everyday style, claiming it ruins your locks.

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From the on-trend sleek bun to French braids, there are dozens of hairstyles to pick from.

But according to one beauty whizz, Madison Lane (@madisonlanehairco) there's one viral look that will damage your hair – the so-called messy bun.

To prove just how bad things can get, the expert took to TikTok where she uploaded a clip of her client.

''So we've got a head and we've coloured it, we've smoothened it out.

''But obviously, there's a pretty noticeable hole happening in the back.''

The extreme hair breakage, she went on to explain, was due to wearing the messy bun in the same spot on a regular basis.

To fix it and make for a more even look, Madison proceeded to chop off a couple of inches of hair, which she reckoned ''made a huge difference''.

''Yes, of course, we could've taken off more – but you have to work what your client's comfortable with.''

Once done, the hair pro also advised her followers on how to avoid the hair horror in the first place – and it could be as easy as switching to different accessories.

Instead of using a hair bobble, the whizz recommended swapping it with a claw clip or investing in a silk scrunchie.

Although they tend to be a little bit more pricey, silk scrunchies are more gentle on your locks.

Another thing to remember, she reminded, is getting regular haircuts – the client had had hers done in almost a year, which played ''a huge factor''.

Fellow beauty fans flocked to comments, as over 6k people liked the short yet informative clip.

One warned: ''So much damage from wearing your hair up. Most girls don’t get it.''

Someone else wondered: ''What is she using for her bun barb wire?''

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''This happens to me and I never knew why! I will be avoiding messy buns from now on thank you,'' a third penned.

''Claw clips have honestly saved my life over the last year!'' another TikTok user claimed.

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