I’m a hot mum-of-six and never wear a bra – I hate my boobs being squished and don’t care if people stare | The Sun

A MUM who refuses to wear a bra told how she has no problems with men staring at her boobs.

Penelope is a proud member of the No Bra Club because she hates the underwear item and finds it restrictive.

She reckons that everywhere she goes she draws looks from men who can’t believe what they’re seeing.

But the mother-of-six made it clear that she’s not trying to get attention or show off her bust, she’s just not a fan of bras.

The model, from the Highlands, said: “If people want to look, then they can. Doesn’t bother me at all.

“Every day is a no bra day with me. It’s natural in my opinion. I do get stares because they’re big but I just ignore and get on with my day. 

“I’m not out and about to pose and show off, it’s just something I’ve always done.”

Penelope, 33, started her modelling career after she got a £6,000 boob job.

And she says it's a such a struggle to find one that is comfy that she prefers to just go without.

Penelope said: “They are so uncomfortable. Even without a metal wire.

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“I don’t see the point in wearing a bra. To get my boobs squished and tightened? Nah, I like to be free.”

Penelope says she just goes about her daily business, going to the shop and on the school run, and pays no attention to the looks.

And she vowed never to back down and start wearing a bra. At the moment she doesn’t even know how much one costs.

She reckons women should be proud of how they look and not bow to pressure and squeeze into bras.

She said: “I definitely think not wearing a bra is seen as not normal. It’s possibly even a bit taboo.

“There shouldn’t be anything wrong with wanting to do your own thing. 

“I couldn’t care less what others’ opinions are on the matter. It’s your body, so do what you want.”

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