I’m a mum and have a clever hack to baby proof any cupboard doors – all you need is an old spoon | The Sun

A MOTHER has shared the clever hack she discovered to baby proof the cupboards. 

Lisa Flom, otherwise known as LJ, has two children and has been using her social media channels to share the game-changing tricks she’s picked up along the way. 

In one particular video, the doting mum produced a single, old wooden spoon and a hair tie she no longer uses. 

“Things I wish I knew as a first time mom,” she wrote over the clip, before demonstrating how to use the two items. 

She then put one side of the wooden spoon through the double doors of a cupboard, making sure to keep it centred across the handles. 

LJ then placed the hair tie over one side of the spoon before crossing it over the handles to pop it over the other side of the spoon. 


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It means the cupboard is essentially locked and no matter how much a baby might try to pull on the handle, it will stay closed. 

“Keep your kids out of your cabinets,” TikTok user @ljflommom wrote in the caption of the video. 

Some were left impressed by the hack as one person wrote: “Awesome idea. Thanks for posting”. 

Another said: “Me too I zipped locked mine,” followed by three crying emojis. 

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A third shared: “My grandma used to do this,” as a fourth added: “Some people are just blessed with creativity,” followed by a praying hands emoji. 

And a fifth commented: “Omg I used to do this! I thought I was the only one it does work for crawling ones”. 

Others, however, were not convinced that the hack would actually work as one person argued: “Babies (kids) these days, they are way too smart. If they can’t open they simply pull the wooden spoon out.” 

Another agreed, explaining: “Trust me, my one year old daughter will figure out how to open it in less than 5 minutes,” alongside a crying with laughter emoji.

While a third added: “My grandson would grab the spoon from the side and pull right out.” followed by a shrugging emoji. 

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