I'm a professional mermaid – I accidentally wore the wrong underwear in the pool, the worst snafu happened | The Sun

A PERFORMER has revealed the mortifying moment she suffered a costume malfunction at a kid’s pool party.

Chloe (@princeschloee) strategically hid the awful mess that her period pants had made inside her mermaid costume from partygoers.

She has racked up over 131,000 followers on TikTok with regular posts about her life as a professional princess and mermaid performer.

Chloe took to the platform with a video of herself being carried out of a child’s mermaid-themed birthday party as she reflected on her “worst ever” booking.

The popular ‘Oh No’ soundtrack played as Chloe was picked up and taken out of the event with a towel wrapped around the tail of her costume.

“The time I accidentally went into a pool with period panties on and it exploded in the tail,” read the text over the video.

Despite her mermaid mishap, Chloe looked in good spirits in the video and laughed alongside the man carrying her.

She showed how the white material inside the pants had made a huge mess after exploding from the amount of water absorbed in the swimming pool. 

The video has been viewed over 3 million times with Chloe reassuring people that she usually wears a tampon but had forgotten to change her underwear before going to the party. 

“This was just a fluke. I had two or three parties before this with the quick change and spandex on I forgot lol,” Chloe said. 

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“I usually wear a tampon I just had a lot of parties before this and forgot it was on.”

Period pants are designed to protect from leakages as a sustainable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. However, they are not recommended for swimming.

Viewers were left in hysterics over Chloe’s situation and shared similar embarrassing experiences they’ve had while on their period. 

One wrote: “This reminds me of a time I went kayaking, and I had a pocketful of tampons. Stopped at one point and suddenly saw tampons floating down the river.”

Another commented: “Oh my gosh I did that once at camp and my friends at the time had to wrap me in their towel and go to the bathroom with me.”

A third said: “I remember a hotel in the pool I had a pad on and it blew up like a diaper.”

A fourth wrote: “I put mine in the washing machine and that was all over my clean clothes [crying].”

Another added: “It happens lol, I’m sure you won’t forget to wear a tampon next time. I’d be traumatized.”

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