I’m a size 24 – my easy fashion hack will hide your spare tyre belly with two key items | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has revealed her tip to hide her love handle with only two items.

Amos Trombetto shared a TikTok video on how she hid her spare tyre in a simple outfit.

Amos wears a size 22 to 24 and said the key is her high-waisted jeans and a peplum top.

"I am a proud three X size. My body shape is a triangle and she's tiny on the top, wider down in the bottom…And I have a spare tyre belly right here," she said.

Amos showed in her video how she hides her belly.

"So a lot of times what I've tried to do is get jeans that ride a little bit higher to kind of hold up the top and I like little tops like this because it completely camouflages anything lower that you're not happy with," Amos said.

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Your top doesn't have to be a peplum top first because you can take a loose-fitting shirt and belt it to turn it into a peplum top.

"If you're someone who likes to belt you could totally belt it and turn it into a really cute peplum to wear with maxi skirts or any tight-fitting skirt like a skirt," she added.

Amos continued her video by revealing her flabby arms.

She said: "Let's just wave those arms and just embrace our job. This is all the extra one saying hello to you."

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Many people appreciated Amos' energy in embracing her body and spreading positive energy on plus-size fashion.

One person said: Where have you been all my life?! So glad I found you!"

Amos encouraged people to feel comfortable in their skin and continued to promote body-positivity.

"If you want to find somebody who understands your body, who understands plus size, who gives amazing great customer service, and is pretty lively to watch, join my community joystreetboutique.com.

" [I'm] proud and here to serve you and make sure that you look fantastic with all of your curves," Amos said.

Another person commented: "her community rocks!!!!"

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"I'm so glad I found you! I'm the same body type as you," one other person added.

"Omg goodness I just found you! Love your content!" one more added.

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