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A SKINCARE expert has shared Kim Kardashian's biggest aging insecurity and ways to combat it.

One influencer shed light in a TikTok video on the massive skin aging insecurity that plagues Kim Kardashian and anti-aging methods to avoid it.

Beauty blogger Isabelle Lux, known as isabelle.lux on Tiktok, shares Kim Kardashian's biggest body insecurity in a viral video on the platform.

Founder of beauty blog, The Lux Guide, she captivates audiences on social media with her reviews of popular products, skincare advice and celeb beauty secrets.

Celebrities are just like the rest of us, with similar insecurities that plague us all.

Lux delves deeps into what exactly concerns the famous Kardashian about the aging process.


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" Kim Kardashian just realized what her biggest body insecurity is and it's not what you think," the beauty lover says at the start of the video.

The video begins with Lux in a shoulder up close-up shot, speaking to the camera over a green screen of Kim Kardashian's Allure cover with one of the reality star's quotes behind her.

The video then moves to another photo from the Allure magazine shoot of Kim Kardashian.

She is seen staring into the camera on full-length display, wearing a nude crochet-like catsuit and long gloves in the same fabric that went past her elbow.

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" If you look closely, this outfit's actually very revealing about what it is," Lux says in reference to the star's insecurity.

The video then snaps to another greenscreen of the same image but with a circle over Kim Kardashian's right hand in the photo.

"In a quote, Kim says 'I hate my hands. They're wrinkly and gross," the blogger says.

The origin of the Kardashian's quote is from the same Allure magazine interview.

The video then moves to a greenscreen-less Lux speaking to the camera.

"It's true. The backs of our hands are the first place to show age, which makes sense because we're constantly exposed to the sun, even in the wintertime when we're all bundled up…," she states.

The skincare expert then proceeds to add that this is why older women wear driving gloves when driving in the sun.

Not everyone can wear gloves 24/7, so she shares two skincare tips to try to halt the aging process on your hands.

"The first rule is…anything you can do on your face, you can do on your hands too," Lux claims.

That means vitamin C, retinol, SPF, exfoliants can all be applied to your hands just like how they are applied to your face.

The other tip is something Lux learned from older women in her life.

You can fill gloves up with moisturizer, wear them to bed and keep your hands soaked in the solution overnight.

This beauty hack helps to maintain hydration and is a great addition to your nighttime routine.

Some viewers took to the comments to offer their own two cents and even offer their own anti-aging advice.

"My grandmother puts olive oil on her hands before bed, her hands look amazing!" one user commented.

"Also! Wear gloves for cleaning. This is so important! The chemicals destroy the moisture barrier," another used added.

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