I’m a spray tanner and we don’t care if you go naked for your tan – we’ve seen it all before

A SPRAY tanner has revealed she "doesn't care" if you choose to go naked for your tan – because she's "seen it all" before.

Sarah Rubino, the owner of Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, frequently shares videos on her business' TikTok page explaining the dos and don'ts of getting a spray tan.

In a recent video, she showed her response to a customer asking if it would be ok with her to be naked for the appointment.

"I’m so white and I really don’t want tan lines. Would you mind if I go naked? I’m sorry!" the customer said in the video.

And Sarah's response? "We do not care."

She added in the caption to the video: "We’ve seen it all, honey, and we don't care!"

Another person commenting on the video praised Sarah for the honesty, but added that she hates "the 10minute apology for the way you look".

"It always happens and unfortunately we always think we have to apologise for our bodies," Sarah replied.

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In another video, Sarah explained the major things not to do when having a spray tan, including not using shower products after the appointment and not arriving for the tan with lotion on your skin.

She also advised against wearing tight clothes when returning home after the appointment, and shaving the day before the tan.

One question Sarah is frequently asked is what she herself thinks about when she's giving the spray tan.

And she shared her response to that in another video, as she showed herself giving a tan while thinking "I wish I was going to the beach".

Her other musings included "Those nails are so pretty, shame I would ruin mine", and "How does she work full time and raise all those kids? She's super woman".

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