I'm a super saving single mum of 3 – my top tips to help you save money on the weekly shop & keep your energy bills low | The Sun

WITH kids back at school and summer winding down many parents are thinking about how they can best prepare for winter costs. 

Food prices are still rocket high and soon we will also have winter energy bills to deal with. 

However one mum is proving with the right preparation you can still enjoy healthy nutritious meals and have a comfortable winter.

Caroline Job is a single mum of three and a lunchbox pro and knows how to make even the most boring of snacks seem fun. 

She has shared her top tips for keeping your energy and shopping bills down without compromising on good food.

Caroline said: “It is tough right now. So I make sure to use coupons, vouchers, or money back. It is also for me, all about asking those questions, not being proud.”

As a lunchbox expert Caroline knows all about making your money stretch while giving your kids all the nutrients they need. 

Here are Caroline's top tips for saving money on your weekly shopping bills. 

  1. Plan meals for week 

Caroline says: “Have some flex in it but be clear on what you are going to make. I always have a couple of extra meals in my back pocket just in case plans change.”

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  1. Use click and collect

The super saver saver: “Set a budget and don't go over. It really helps me not be swayed by offers / promotions in stores and saves me so much time.


“I choose the cheapest slot and let someone else push the trolley around the supermarket!”

  1. Buy and stock up on offers

Now there is no need for you to buy 10 blocks of cheese if you see them on offer. But certain pantry and storable goods are great to buy in bulk.

Caroline says: “Certain expensive items like loo roll, I buy when on a special deal and use my Clubcard deals a lot.” 

“BUT also let the supermarket be the store cupboard, you don't have to keep vast supplies at home!”

  1. Make the freezer your friend  

A freezer is storage for life, and if you've not got time to cook something before it goes off freezing it will save you money. 

Caroline says: “I will keep a stash of rolls, bagels, and bread in the freezer to mix and match over the week.”

  1. Eating items in date order, (ie, using up what goes off first) 

Caroline said: “This was a gamechanger for me – I used to have a menu plan and then stick to it, but then mess up on the best before dates.”

“It’s a really simple thing but has changed things for the better in our house.”

  1. Use up leftovers

Most of the time when we look inside our cupboards we can find enough ingredients to put together a decent meal. This particularly useful on weeks when you’re trying to get money to stretch. 

Carline says: “I keep an idea of what back up meals I have for when the kids are busy with activities, snacks and I try to minimise food waste.”

  1. Being wary of yellow stickers. 

Caroline says: “Sometimes yellow stickers are your friend but do ask yourself will you actually cook that or eat that ? If no, then it is a false economy.”

Now no one wants to hear it but those winter energy bills are coming, here’s what Caroline recommends you look at to make sure you're ready for them. 

  1. Check the windows and seals and draughts 

She said: “I changed my letterbox last year as it was not closing properly – that was letting so much heat escape – a small thing but really has helped as my thermostat is by the front door!”

  1. Get a thermostat 

“I have the thermostat on 18C and we wear extra jumpers or if we're watching TV one evening, sit under a throw – again it keeps the bills lower."

  1.  Loft insulation

“It is worth topping it up to keep the heat in the house.”


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  1. Get into the habit of closing doors. 

Caroline said: “Our kitchen is particularly cold in the winter, so we always keep that door shut, again it’s next to the hall where the thermostat is so all the warm air will go to try and heat the kitchen and then use more gas… “

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