I’m a super-scrimper and haven’t washed my hair in two years – trolls say they bet it stinks but I think I smell fine | The Sun

A SUPER-SCRIMPER has revealed that she hasn’t washed her hair in two years and while trolls say they bet it stinks, she claimed that it actually doesn’t.

23-year-old “cloth mum” Rosie, from Australia, recently took to TikTok to open up about her locks. 

Posting under the username @vegesis, the young woman, who enjoys a rural lifestyle, explained that she doesn’t have any shampoo or conditioner in her home and hasn’t put any products on her hair for two years.

She claimed that while it took a bit of getting used to initially, her hair can be worn up or down and it isn’t an issue. 

Rosie revealed: “I haven't washed my hair for two years.

“I think every time I tell someone that, they are so shocked, because everyone thinks you need to wash your hair every single day, or once a week with shampoo.

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"I have not washed my hair with anything except for just water, in two years.

“I can wear my hair down or up, it’s not an issue.

"One thing I will say is, I used to live in town and I found something with the town water made it a lot trickier.

"I used to have to occasionally do a bicarb and vinegar wash but since I have moved out of town, I have been here for two years, and once I got on the tank water, it was amazing.

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“I didn’t have to do anything to my hair anymore.

“You will not find any shampoo in my bathroom or in my grocery cart.

“We do not need it.

“My partner doesn’t use it, I don’t use it.

“Welcome to no poo nation.”

Rosie’s clip has clearly shocked many as it has quickly amassed 85.3k views.

It has 829 likes, 71 comments and 18 shares. 

But social media users were left open-mouthed at Rosie’s revelations, with many disgusted that she would reveal such a thing. 

One person said: “Looks kinda dry and dull.” 

Another added: “So you just rinse it? How does that clean your scalp? Gross.”

A third commented: “I BET IT STINKS” to which Rosie simply said “Incorrect.” 

Someone else chimed in: “Wouldn’t be proud of this.”

Meanwhile, one user wondered: “How did you start?” to which Rosie revealed “Just stopped using shampoo one day. There is an adjustment period where your scalp starts to re-regulate its oil correctly but after that it’s golden.” 

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Whilst someone else asked: “What about conditioner? Mine tangles so easily”, to which Rosie resplied “You don’t need conditioner because your natural oils aren’t stripped out.”

As well as this, another user questioned: “What’s a bicarb vinegar wash?” to which Rosie noted “Mix bicarb and water to make a paste, scrub through your hair roots, then add vinegar again, scrub and then wash out.”

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