I'm an ageless vixen – I love showing off my body in skimpy bikinis but trolls call me 'granny' & tell me to cover up | The Sun

SHE'S a self-described "ageless vixen" who rarely goes a day without showing off her impressive figure in skimpy bikinis on her social media pages.

But one woman has discovered that wearing such sexy outfits and courting attention with her posts also attracts comments from trolls.

In a recent TikTok, the woman sported a barely-there triangle bikini as she pulled herself out of a swimming pool.

"Never stop being you," she captioned her clip.

And while numerous people complimented her toned frame, others were less than impressed.

"Granny can barely get out of the pool," one wrote.

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"Gurl you need to chill! you gonna break a hip," another added.

"Don’t break a hip granny," a third commented.

As someone else wrote: "O. L. D".

She revealed in response to another person that she's 54, and someone else in the comments wrote: "Putting a lot of women half her age to shame."

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"Thank you for showing older people rock, we actually look good," another added.

In another video, she donned a similarly skimpy bikini as she smiled for the camera and turned round to flaunt her figure from all angles.

But once again, trolls were rife in the comments section.

"And your point is? I can see you love attention!" one wrote.

As another added: " Put your clothes on, you’re embarrassing yourself."

"OMG. Oh grandma," a third sighed.

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