I'm married and I've had six affairs – my husband is still my one and only, I don't consider it cheating | The Sun

A MUM who's been married for 26 years has told how she has had SIX affairs with different men since September.

Laura, 45, wed her childhood sweetheart as a teen and started to consider cheating recently after they drifted apart when the kids left home.

But the accountant, from Dumfries, claims that her spouse is still the only man for her despite her extramarital activities via the Illicit Encounters website.

She said: “Our kids flew the nest and my husband became boring.

“I’ve spent 20 years dedicating my life to looking after them and when they suddenly weren’t there I felt like, I’ve got some me time back. 

“I was all looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband but he literally felt the opposite to me. 

“He just wants to stay in and watch the F1, when I want to get out, go on walks, go and see things. 

“He takes no interest in what I want to do at all, it’s quite lonely. And just not what I expected at all from the kids moving out.

“I’ve never had any complaints about mine and my husband’s love life but I’ve also never been with anyone else sexually so how would I know? 

“I was excited but really scared meeting up with someone else for the first time, I’m very out of practice on… flirting. 

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“But it was like riding a bike after the first one and I was away. It’s never been about finding someone to replace my husband it’s just been so much fun and has made me feel alive again. 

“I’ve met my lovers in the car, in the countryside, at their houses.. it’s been a completely different world. 

“When I have sex with my husband it’s about being in love, we’re two people connected together. But this has just been complete no strings attached passion and I’ve loved it

“It’s kind of like a new hobby more than anything else, is that bad to say? My husband is none the wiser because he loves his quiet time at the weekend so I just say I’m off out with friends, he’s probably pleased I’m out the house more.”

Laura adds: “My husband is still my one and only, I don’t want anyone else. Even after meeting different men I still only have eyes for my husband. 

“And that’s why I kind of don’t consider it cheating really. But I doubt he or my family would understand so I definitely think it’s best I just keep this to myself. 

“It’s not like I’m going to carry on doing this forever but it’s certainly been a wild ride while it’s lasted.”

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