I’m midsize & tried the TikTok viral ‘contour bodysuit’ costing $58 – it made my chest look amazing | The Sun

A MIDSIZE woman has shared her review on the viral bodysuit making waves for its hefty price tag and body contouring abilities.

One midsize fashion content creator shared with viewers her experience trying on the viral Aritizia bodysuit that supposedly has body contouring abilities but instead made her chest look spectacular.

Beauty lover and fashionista Nana Castro, known as itsnanacastro on TikTok, expressed her shopping advice in a video on the platform about the Aritzia Babaton Contour Squareneck Longsleeve Thong Bodysuit, $58, making waves on the social site.

Previously, she attempted to order the popular contouring item but found out it would take five months to arrive.

Luckily, she was able to find not one, not two but three articles of the long-sleeve bodysuit at her local Aritzia outlet to try on her body shape.

That perfect moment of "divine intervention" meant she had to grab the trendy piece in three colors and two different sizes and share her shopping haul with the world.


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Castro tries on the bodysuit in white, black, and a soft grey for viewers.

She first shows the online audience the garment in black and did not seem to be incredibly satisfied.

"I was not wrong when I said the Express ones are literally the same," she says.

She then quickly switches into the white bodysuit and appears to be a little more excited about the fit but still not sold over the smoothing abilities of the clothing item.

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"It's a bit see-through on the arms, which is fine by me, but I don't really think it gives you, like, a contour on your waist," she claims. "If anything, it makes your chest look really nice."

The beauty reviewer seems to not give up hope on the success of the item as she moves into the final color of the viral bodysuit.

"Alright, wait a minute. This color though…" she states as she shows viewers the grey bodysuit.

As the video comes to a close, Castro offers her overall review of the actual contouring abilities of the bodysuit and offers a recommendation.

"So, my tip overall is you need a good balconette bra, like the one I'm wearing, and size down. Definitely size down," she affirmed.

She also mentioned in the comment section of the video that she is normally between a medium and large size-wise, and the last two that fit best in her try-on were a size small.

Castro's statements were well-received by the online audience of the video, and those in the comment section made their opinions incredibly clear.

"It’s cute but I was looking for your waist to be snatched to the gawds the way they raved about it," one viewer commented.

"They look amazing on you. I love the white sleeves," another wrote.

"It's the snap for me…I just feel like I need to " gooo and buy" love your content!!" another user wrote in praise.

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