I'm midsize & wearing a bikini for the first time at 27 after shedding 8st – I don't care if I'm trolled… I look great | The Sun

A MIDSIZE fashion fan has confessed it took her 27 years to find the confidence to buy her first bikini. 

After losing 8st the body activist finally decided to buy a two-piece for her holiday.

Sophie Noa said in a TikTok video: “This is your Monday reminder that every body is a bikini body.”

The fashion fan didn’t want to wait until she was 30 years old to finally try the swimwear. 

“I am so sick of going on holiday and not feeling like I can wear a bikini," she said.

"I don't wanna get to 30 and have never worn a bikini because I'm too self-conscious about my stomach. I'm too self-conscious about my arms. It's just not happening anymore.”

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Sophie realised she wanted the white two-piece as soon as she saw it in the store.

“I saw this bikini in H&M and absolutely fell in love," she explained.

"This is the front, this is the back. She's cute, and I am absolutely in love.”

Sophie confessed she was still insecure about her body but felt it was time to put on a brave face. 

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She said: "It's hard. Like, I'm not going to lie to you. Like, it's hard to put on a bikini, not be a size 8 and feel confident and feel accepted. But I just don't care anymore.

"I want to wear a bikini on holiday. I want to have nice tan lines. I don't want to wear a costume for the rest of my entire life."

Sophie insisted she wouldn't be changing her lifestyle or diet ahead of her holiday. 

“So we're doing it, we're wearing a bikini," she said.

"I'm going on holiday in a week's time. I'm not gonna try and crash diet, to try and fit in my bikini.

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“This is my body. She can swim, she can walk, she can run, she can do anything. So wearing it, we're going for it, and we're gonna feel good doing so.”

The fashion fan said she was sick of trying to get people’s approval and now doesn't care what others think about her look. 

“I’m not going to ask people to be kind because frankly I couldn’t care less," she said.

"I am so sick of allowing the opinions of others to define me.”

Sophie’s video racked up over 68,000 views. 

One user said: “You look amazing. I am size 8/10 and judge my body and won’t wear a bikini xx.”

“You look great… Embrace it now! Don't be like me and wait till you’re 60 years old to look at old pictures, and discover how beautiful you were,” another added.

Despite Sophie's confidence she was still trolled for her bikini body. 

One user said: “Bin the bikini and cover up.”

But the fashion fan insisted that wouldn't make a dent in her plans.

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