Independent candle brands to shop and bookmark for all occasions

From champions of sustainability to those focused on giving back, these small candle brands deserve your attention.

Since the self care movement candles have become so much more than simply a finishing touch for home decor. And, in a year when we’ve had to learn to sit with ourselves and slow down, candles have for many of us been a comforting companion.

Whether it be for a night of reading or a soak in the bath, candles can set the tone with an atmospheric glow and calming scent. That’s why it’s so important to get it right when it comes to picking a candle that you’ll enjoy making part of your personal rituals and routines.

But in 2020, when consumers know that shopping small and having an eco-conscious is also important, we’re sitting up and paying attention to the candle brands that may have previously passed us by. 

You see, independent candle brands are having a moment. From those which specialise in aromatherapy, are eco-friendly, pride themselves on being vegan or champion diversity, this is a brilliant time to get to know the smaller brands out there making something special in the candle world.

Here we’ve picked out some of our favourite independent candle brands right now, so get exploring and your home will be smelling like roses in no time.

  • Lanji Candles

    These candles from Lanji Candles almost look good enough to eat with artisan finishes like botanicals trapped with the wax and hand-finished packaging. 

    With a particular focus on the seasons, Lanji Candles comes up with unique scent combinations like creamy musk and amber, to create atmosphere and warmth.

    It’s a small operation but the founders pride themselves on being 100% vegan and running sustainably, using reused or recycled packaging and minimising plastic usage.

    Shop creamy musk and amber scented soy wax candle by Lanji Candles at Etsy, £14

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  • Nomad Noé

    Nomad Noé describes its products as “story-infused candles”, which was enough to hook us from the start. 

    There is indeed something poetic about them, and it’s not just because one of them is literally named ‘poet’. The packaging is alluringly striking yet minimalist enough to make you guess about what’s inside, and every scent has a mindset behind it, whether it be dreamer, rebel, pioneer or muse.

    The scents are typically intense and heady, using mixtures such as amber and patchouli or neroli and incense. We particularly like the Poet in Hangzhou candle’s blend of bamboo and tuberose which easily fills a room with a delicious scent. 

    Shop Poet in Hangzhou by Nomad Noé at Cult Beauty, £55

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  • Lily & Loaf

    Lily & Loaf is all about holistic health, so if you’re looking for a candle which does more than just sit pretty, this is the small brand for you. 

    In fact, Lily & Loaf’s name comes from a Chinese proverb which says: “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” In this mantra the loaf represents internal beauty and health, while the lily represents the external – this brand caters to both.

    Their candles are all-natural and eco-friendly, using a soy wax blend that allows a clean burn without toxins for up to 40 hours. Plus, they work with an independent Advisory Board of highly qualified and experienced scientists, herbalists, practitioners, and health consultants with a wealth of expert knowledge and experience. 

    Shop lemongrass and lime soy wax candle at Lily& Loaf, £13

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  • Scentered

    If you’re into using candles as a form of self care, then Scentered is a wonderful brand to get to know. Founder Lara Morgan found herself travelling all over the world when working as part of a global hospitality business and found that the one thing that kept her feeling calm and grounded was a travel aromatherapy candle. 

    This belief that aromatherapy and essential oil solutions can contribute to holistically healthier life inspired Morgan to start her own brand with a range of candles each aiming to tap into a particular emotion. 

    The LOVE candle, for example, is a romantic, floral blend which enhances connectivity – whether this is with others or yourself. Its scent is not overpowering, but atmospheric enough for an hour spent reading, stretching or taking a bath. 

    Each candle is packaged beautifully in its own gift box and is made from a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essentials oils.

    Shop LOVE candle at Scentered, £32

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  • wick + wonder

    wick + wonder deserves to become one of your favourite candle brands thanks to its rustic packaging, thoughtful details and genius range of fragrances.

    Set up by couple team Sian and Ben just this year, their mission is to bring sumptuous, cosy scents to your home in a conscious way. 

    All of their candles are made with 100% vegan soy wax (no paraffin), cotton wicks (no lead) and premium fragrance (no parabens). Also, at the end of the year wick + wonder will give 3% of their profits to a range of charities as a way of giving back.

    Our favourite scents include coffee bean and smoked rose, but the Christmas collection with highlights like spiced orange and mulled wine are not to be missed either. Plus, they also sell mini match packs with their candles, which are irresistibly cute.

    Shop coffee bean candle at wick + wonder, £16

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  • House of Lilah

    House of Lilah may be a stylish candle brand but it’s also a tool for social change. Activist and founder Chantal M’Biki mentors young people in London who lack emotional support around them, using creativity to help develop their interpersonal skills. 

    She also donates 10% of House of Lilah’s profits per year to ARTS EMERGENCY and the work that they’re doing to spark ambition in younger generations. 

    It is also important to M’Biki to run her business in an ethical and eco-friendly way, which is why all candles are a natural blend of soy, coconut, bees and rape waxes that respect the environment, and offer a slow and clean burn. We also like that they are hand poured into signature House of Lilah concrete vessels which can be reused afterwards.

    Shop slow motion candle at House of Lilah, £24.49 (was 34.99)

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