Inside Tyson Fury's kids' designer wardrobes with Louis Vuitton bags, head-to-toe Givenchy and a dummy on a gold chain

HE IS known as the Gypsy King and Tyson Fury has made sure that all five of his kids are dressed like royalty.

The 31-year-old heavyweight world champion has daughters Venezuela, ten, and two-year-old Valencia Amber with his wife Paris – as well as three sons who are all called Prince.

And the boxing brood are regularly kitted out in designer labels with sky high price tags.

And like their matching names, the Fury boys like to have matching clothes too, with their mum Paris posting snaps of her sons in identical outfits regularly on Instagram.

Earlier this week she shared a photo of her three boys all wearing identical red Armani t-shirts, £41 each, with her youngest son Prince Adonis Amaziah wearing his dummy on a gold chain.

And fans were shocked to spot a Rolex watch glistening on the wrist of Prince John James at just eight years old.

The boys have also been seen decked out in Kenzo twin-sets costing £143 a pop and Hugo Boss ensembles as they live life in the fashion fast lane.

But it isn’t just the boys who get to match up, with the Fury girls also taking part in some very flash twinning.

Captioning the snap the “Givenchy gang” Paris posted a photo of her brood dressed in matching t-shirt and short sets by the French brand.

And with t-shirts starting at a cool £139 in the children’s range, the heavyweight dad clearly wasn’t looking at a budget wardrobe.

While most parents wouldn’t waste their money on high end brands for their babies to quickly grow out of, when it comes to designers the Fury motto seems to be start them early.

Fendi sleepsuits and leather baby slippers replace terry-cloth babygros in this household.

It isn’t surprising to see the Tyson brood in such finery with the boxer having an estimated networth of about £100 million.

But despite the flashy fashion Paris and Tyson are fiercely proud of their Traveller heritage, with Paris insisting fame and wealth wouldn’t change them.
“I was brought up like a Traveller, you might not live in a trailer but it doesn’t take away what you are, you’re a Traveller, we’re proud of that heritage,” she said.

Tyson met fellow traveller Paris, then 15, at a friend’s wedding when he was 17.

A year later, when Paris was 16, the pair started dating and they married in front of 300 guests in her hometown of Doncaster in 2008.

How Tyson Fury came up with his sons' names

Tyson, who lives in Morecambe, Lancashire, opened up about choosing to call his sons the same thing in his recent ITV documentary, revealing it all stems from his boxing nickname – The Gypsy King.

“I'm a king and they're princes until they earn their rightful name,” he said in the show, which aired ahead of his win against Deontay Wilder on Saturday.

It seems the brood’s unique names were sealed when Paris, now 30, was pregnant with their eldest, with Tyson coming up with her name thanks to a dream.

“One night, while I was sleeping, I thought of Venezuela,” he previously told The Guardian. 

“My wife is called Paris. I'm Tyson and [gesturing to his son] he's called Prince John James. If the girl had a normal name it wouldn't fit in, would it? 

“I wanted to call the boy Patrick but the wife didn't want it.”

It’s a version of events which Paris sees a little differently as she quickly forced Tyson to reveal the real name he’d wanted for their eldest son – which she immediately ruled out.

“Jesus,” he responded. “Jesus Fury.

“I like that name. A lot of Mexicans are called Jesus.”

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