Is the L'Oreal Root Touch Up Spray worth the faff?

There is a lucky few who’ve managed to get themselves appointments at the hairdressers since they reopened a few weeks back after lockdown.

The rest of us, however, are still dealing with the cruel problem of horrifically long roots.

Depending on your natural hair colour and the colour you’ve ad your hair dyed (as well as whether you had a full tint of a balayage last time you were at the hairdresser) your roots may be more obvious.

And in lieu of the magic hands of a colourist, options like Root Touch Up Spray come to the rescue.

We tried out the viral product as part of our Is It Worth the Faff series, so you can save yourself the cash if it’s not up to scratch.

What is the L’Oreal Root Touch Up Spray?

This spray is designed to cover your roots with a fine film of colour so you can get a bit longer between salon visits.

The concealer dries on your hair which provides a mattifying effect not unlike dry shampoo, and shampoos out whenever you wash your hair.

It comes in a variety of colours from light blonde to black, so you can choose the one closest to the dyed colour on your ends.

Faff involved?

The product is as easy to use as any hairspray, although you do need to be somewhat careful about where you aim the nozzle. I did end up with a brownish stain on my forehead, so don’t be like me.

You also have to remember to give it a shake beforehand, before spraying about 10cm from your head. The bottle advises you not to use too much.

The idea is to apply on dry and styled hair, but please don’t judge my lack of hairstyle given it’s a working day for me and I’m at home. It’s been washed and that’s what counts.

There really wasn’t any faff to speak of, with the whole process taking about a minute. I have heard that some people prefer to blend the powder more with a toothbrush or similar, but that’s really up to you.

The results?

I have dark brown natural hair with blonde highlights, so decided to go for the dark blonde shade to get the closest match.

It’s definitely darker than expected, so rather than covering the root I instead tried to give more of a root smudge effect by taking the spray nozzle further down when applying.

I’m happy with the result, but it’s not so much a concealer. In my case, it served more to blend out that stripy root line.

I do think people with darker dyed hair and lighter/grey roots would have much better luck with this, as darker coloured sprays would likely have more coverage.

The spray did dry very quickly and shampoo off without ease, but I’m not sure how I feel about the texture.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind the powdery dry shampoo feeling in your hair then this won’t be an issue, but for me, it was somewhat gross when I’d run my hands through my hair and be met with a chalky feel.

Is the L’Oreal Root Touch Up Spray worth the faff?

The price (£5.98 on Amazon with Prime delivery) can’t be argued with, nor can the fact it takes literally seconds to apply.

Because my hair is highlighted and lighter at the ends, it isn’t something that’ll end up being a hero product for me.

However, for those with more evenly toned hair (or lighter, more easily covered roots) this should definitely be in your arsenal.

You get around 25 uses from each canister, and the final result made my hair much more passable (even if I will only use it for bigger events) until I can next visit the hairdresser.

Overall: Yes, it is worth the faff, but it will be more worth the faff for some than others.

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