I've spent £45K transforming my body & even have inked eyeballs – trolls call me a 'mess' but I earn 5 figures a month | The Sun

A WOMAN who has spent almost £45,000 on modifying her body has hit back at trolls who constantly ask her if she has a job.

Orylan took to TikTok to respond to one comment, which read: "You are a mess for sure. Do you have a job?"

"I've got to take my glasses off for this one," she said.

"So in no way, shape or form am I bragging because money is literally the root of all evil but it sure does help.

"I've spent over, now, $55,000 (£44,500) on my body in total – with surgeries, tattoos, modifications. I'm about to do a few more modifications."

Orylan is covered in tattoos, and has also had her eyeballs tattooed, as well as getting her tongue split.

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She insisted that she doesn't "even know how to get government assistance".

"Which I know some people are going to say, because that's what people always say," she sighed.

As for what she does for work, Orylan explained that she's got an OnlyFans profile, which makes her "five figures a month".

"So that's how I do most of my stuff," she said.

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"And I also do YouTube, and I've got a lot more things coming up, and I'm also an investor."

Despite her video, the comments section was quickly filled up – with many remarks coming from trolls.

"Ok, you have gone too far with the eyes," one wrote.

"Wow, very scary," another said.

"Serious question, why would you mess yourself up like that?" a third asked.

But others were more complimentary, with one writing: "You're awesome.

"Love your tattoos, love your free spirit."

"You do you babe," another added.

"They don't understand," a third commented.

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