J.K. Rowling tells fans having a Harry Potter tattoo would be ‘weird & ridiculous’ – but she does have ink on her wrist

J.K. Rowling has revealed she has a new tattoo on her wrist but that it’s NOT linked to Harry Potter as she claims that would be “ridiculous” and “weird.”

The successful author, 54, who lives in Edinburgh, shared the information with a teacher fan who asked for any “little known” facts about her. 

The Harry Potter author tweeted: “Ummm…. my favourite colour is pink. I always play as Yoshi on MarioKart. I've just started re-reading Catch-22, which I first read aged 22. I got a tattoo last year (but not a Harry Potter tattoo. That would be ridiculous.)”

However, not everyone agreed that J.K. Rowling getting an inking themed on her popular franchise would be bizarre. 

One fan wrote: “It would be fine to see the Harry Potter creator with a Harry Potter tattoo.”

J.K. Rowling swiftly replied: “No, it would be very, very weird. Like getting my own face tattooed on me”.  

The author showed off her new tattoo in December at the premiere of the HBO documentary Finding the Way Home held in New York. 

The inking, which is above her right wrist, appears to be in Rowling’s handwriting and is the Latin phrase “Solve et Coagula” which means “dissolve and coagulate”. 

The phrase may not be taken directly from the Harry Potter books, but fans have theorised it could have some link to the Philosopher’s Stone, the first book in the franchise. 

Solve et Coagula is linked to alchemy and the Philosopher's Stoner relies on this principle by turning base metals into gold.  

“Solve” is linked to the breaking down of elements while “Coagula” means a coming together.  

JK Rowling may have avoided getting an obvious Harry Potter inking, but that hasn’t stopped numerous fans from showing off their own designs. 

While symbols of the Deathly Hallows have proved popular, a number of hardcore devotees have also got the Gryffindor crest on their bodies.

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