Jenny Packham Resort 2022

There were sparkles aplenty in this collection of party dresses inspired by socialites, past and present. Jenny Packham took her cues from Nan Kempner, Betsy Bloomingdale and Gloria Vanderbilt, but also Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Lydia Hearst for this lighthearted, colorful lineup of post-pandemic party wear.

Packham said her clients have been looking for “freshness,” and that she wanted the clothes to have a lightness to them. That explains the sparkly pink tulle dress with delicate tiers; a long and liquid disco wrap style, and feathery tufts sprouting from the shoulders of a bejeweled gown.

She even replaced some of the traditional hand-beading with press-on embellishments, which made for much lighter weight dresses.

Jenny Packham Resort 2022

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Sometimes, she mixed the two techniques, as in a long black dress with fluttery sleeves that was hand-embroidered with 3D stars and embellished with beads that had been hot-fixed onto the fabric. Another ’70s-inspired cape dress had a dramatic, hand-beaded neckline interspersed with hot-fixed stones and metalwork.

Packham said the switch to online during lockdown has allowed her to push into new markets in South Korea, the Middle East, Asia and America, and she’s encouraged by the trends she’s been seeing.

Packham said as people’s social lives are going live once again, with in-person events back on the agenda, her customers are “straight in there, looking” for dresses to usher in a whole new social era.

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