JordanLuca RTW Fall 2021

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Men’s wear designers Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto joined the coed lineup this season with a collection of dark looks reflecting their mood this season. They also introduced women’s wear into the mix.

The look: Dark tailoring and a sober, utilitarian attitude with pops of texture in the form of big, fuzzy, paw-like gloves and lovely flower and crystal-embellished harness tops.

Quote of note: “We didn’t feel any desire to use bright colors. This wasn’t our moment to shine through our clothes, but for our clothes to serve us and our needs. Instead, we found a different kind of expression through black and muted colors. Our floral prints faded and almost disappeared on us. We had more time to go back to our passions, the construction of a garment.”
Standout pieces: The honeycomb knit that opened the show, the embellished harnesses and the tops and dresses with gentle puckering at the back.

JordanLuca RTW Fall 2021

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