Kendall Jenner & 9 More Stars Slaying In High-Waisted Swimsuits For Summer

High-waisted bathing suits are a hot trend these days, and stars like Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham and more have rocked the look like pros to show us how it’s done!

Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikinis probably won’t ever go out of style, but that doesn’t mean there’s not ALSO room for high-waisted bathing suit looks, as well! High-waisted bikini bottoms can be paired with a variety of different styles of bathing suit tops to form a super sexy summer look. So many stars, from Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid to Priyanka Chopra and more, have worn the high-waisted swimsuit trend to perfection — and you can, too!

One of Kendall’s hottest high-waisted swimsuit looks was when she wore this black ensemble for a photo shoot in Miami. The bottoms came up above Kendall’s belly button, but a good portion of her abs were still showing underneath the sporty top. Plus, the high bottoms accentuated Kendall’s long, model-esque legs even more than usual, and she looked beyond amazing. For the shoot, Kendall showered off with a hose while wearing the swimsuit.

Meanwhile, Ashley Graham also wore a sexy, high-waisted swimsuit for a photo shoot. The model shot a campaign for Swimsuits for All, and she looked beyond amazing in the flirty red ensemble above. The bikini featured silver, fringe detailing, and Ashley rocked the look while submerged in water. In another Swimsuits for All campaign, she wore a high-waisted black bikini, as well.

Of course, Taylor Swift, also loves a good retro fit. Taylor once said in a Vogue video that her favorite fashion trend of all time is “high-waisted stuff,” and she’s proven it with her bikini looks over the years. For quite some time, people even speculated that Taylor didn’t have a belly button because she never publicly showed that portion of her stomach. Of course, she eventually squashed that ridiculous rumor.

Just because high-waisted bikinis offer full coverage of the lower stomach area, they can also be as cheeky as you want. Not every suit has a full-coverage bottom, and you can instead go the route Kourtney Kardashian took and pick out a suit that’s cut higher on the leg. Kourtney generally rocks skimpy thong bikinis, but we’ve seen her in high-waisted stuff, too, and she looks just as good!

If you need any more reason to immediately go out and get a bunch of high-waisted bikini bottoms for this summer, then get scrolling through the gallery above. From these stars to many more, see how celebrities have rocked the high-rise suit over the years.

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