LeBron James Just Shared Another Look at How He's Staying Ripped in Quarantine

Earlier this month, NBA legend LeBron James offered fans glimpse of how he is keeping up with his personal fitness while sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic, posting a breakdown of his intense workout on his Instagram Story that focused on cable work, although he didn’t include any shots of his home gym.

On Saturday, James shared a series of workout videos that gave his followers a more in-depth look at his grueling core training, including battle rope and band exercises that left the three-time champion drenched in sweat.

The first two clips show James thrashing the hell out of his battle ropes variations. Known primarily as a way of working your abs, a good battle rope session will also torch your back, chest, and legs. Looking to build a leaner physique? Try this 10-minute battle rope burner.


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In the third video, James performs the Pallof press, a killer core exercise that can be done at home with a cable or resistance band, and which requires perfect technique in order to reap the benefits. The trick to this move is, well, not to move your core: the more still you hold your torso as you pull on the band, the greater the engagement of your abs and glutes.

“Challenge yourself to look straight ahead and keep your hips and shoulders straight ahead on the Pallof and skip that slight extra rotation,” says Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. “Your obliques will fire that much harder and, invariably, your abs will be stronger in the long run.”

The fourth video features a single-arm weighted situp; it’s similar in execution to a Turkish getup, except while that move builds total body strength, James is once again really focusing on his abs here by repeating the lower range of motion.

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