Love at First Photo Sighting

Alexandra Giniger recalled the night in her Brooklyn apartment in November 2016 when Bryan Scotland sat beside her, eating pizza on a mattress he had borrowed from a friend.

A few bites later, the sound of Michael Bolton’s “When a Man Loves a Woman,” began pouring through Mr. Scotland’s cellphone, and he was soon on his feet, extending a hand to Ms. Giniger, asking her for a dance.

“It was definitely one of the odder, but funnier moments of our relationship, right up there with a Halloween party we attended where I went as Rihanna and he as Drake,” said Ms. Giniger, 33, the director of artist relations at Jack Shainman Gallery in Manhattan.

“But that’s Bryan, that’s just who he is,” she said. “The reason I love him so much is that he allows me the freedom and the space I need to be me.”

Mr. Scotland, 34, who owns the Lionheart Development Group, a company in Newark, N.J., specializing in affordable housing developments, said he had been living “a life filled with tough love,” before Ms. Giniger entered it in June 2016.

“She came along and provided a level of love that I have never experienced,” said Mr. Scotland, who first became aware of Ms. Giniger in 2010. He noticed her in a photo taken with his sister, Blake Scotland, a student and friend of Ms. Giniger at Georgetown.

During that six-year span, Ms. Giniger was unaware that Mr. Scotland had asked his sister for her number three times.

“I guess I couldn’t get her off my mind,” Mr. Scotland said.

When his request was finally granted, Mr. Scotland, who was living in Harlem at that time, made plans with Ms. Giniger for a first date in June 2016 to both a wine-tasting event and a steak dinner in Brooklyn.

“She just brought this new level of love and comfort,” said Mr. Scotland, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received a master’s degree in urban planning from N.Y.U.

Mr. Scotland, who moved into Ms. Giniger’s Brooklyn apartment in February 2018, said that for the last five summers, he has enjoyed “introducing Alexandra to the magic of Martha’s Vineyard,” where he spent many summers of his youth.

They have also enjoyed traveling to more exotic locales — from Hawaii to Guadeloupe to the Azores, and soon to Seychelles, where they will honeymoon in August.

“We call them adventure-cations,” Ms. Giniger said, laughing.

They were engaged on Christmas Day 2019 at the home of Mr. Scotland’s parents, Diane Scotland and Glenn Scotland, in West Orange, N.J.

“We both place a high priority on getting together often with family and friends,” said Ms. Giniger, who graduated from Georgetown, from which she also received a master’s degree in art and museum studies.

They were married June 26 at Lambert’s Cove Inn in West Tisbury, Mass., by Carol Jenkins, who received permission from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to officiate before 145 guests, including the bride’s parents, Dr. Cleonie White and Dr. Sy Giniger, clinical psychologists in Forest Hills, Queens.

“Family, friends, music, dancing, food, and of course, Bryan,” the bride said. “It was easily the greatest night of my life.”

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