Love Letter: Seniors Find Love During the Pandemic

Yes, dating during a pandemic is challenging. But for some seniors in assisted living residences, lockdown protocols for Covid-19 fostered love connections. Here are the stories of a few older couples who met and fell in love during quarantine.

Not all pandemic love stories are filled with romance. During the first few weeks of the pandemic, Shelby Lorman met a man on Tinder whom she quickly came to love. Although their relationship was devoid of dinners, movies and any other markers of courtship, the bond they built through shared grief and rage became enough.

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Kadine Christie, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, didn’t have to look far to find her life partner. In fact, she would end up marrying the first boy she ever met. Just before Ms. Christie entered the world, her mother was befriended by a fellow expecting mother in the maternity ward of a small hospital in Jamaica. As each supported the other through difficult deliveries, neither could have known that their son and a daughter would eventually have three kids of their own.

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