Make-up artist reveals 'power of nose contouring' by changing her face shape with make-up and people can't believe it | The Sun

A MAKE-UP artist has revealed the power of nose contouring and people have been left stunned.

Dilnar took to TikTok to show off her make-up skills and just how much nose contouring can change the shape of your face.

In the short clip posted to her account @dilnar.d the beauty pro appeared on screen with what looked like a wonky nose bridge.

But she then showed how she managed to create the illusion with a stroke of contour and concealer.

Instead of following her natural bridge, she swept her contour onto the bridge in a long C shape.

She then applied contour to both sides, creating the look of an uneven nose.


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"Power of nose contouring," she captioned the post.

In the next clip, Dilnar showed her tricks to contour the nose to make it look more button-shaped.

She applied her concealer down the centre of the nose and on the tip.

She then lined out the concealer with the contour in straight lines that met at the bottom of the tip of her nose.

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To create a 'button nose' she then applied the contour directly above the highest point of the tip.

For those wanting a longer, slimmer nose, the makeup pro used a different technique.

She applied contour to the top half of her nose in a triangle shape, with the point meeting in the middle of her nose, applying conceal in the middle.

The make-up artist also a semi-circle of contour to the bottom of the tip of her nose, adding a dab of concealer inside.

This technique made the bridge look much slimmer and elongated.

The video has gone viral with over six million views and almost four million likes.

The process left many people stunned by the power of make-up.

One person wrote: "That is crazyyyyyy, I really need to learn contouring period."

Another commented: "Okayyy nose contour queen…last one so snatched!"

"Wow I’m shocked," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "That's insane."

Someone else added: "Omg! I'm in shock! I hope to make it as perfect as you!"

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