Mat Fraser, CrossFit’s Fittest Man in History, Shares His 20-Minute Workout Advice

Life, as you’re very aware, is far from predictable. Which is why, despite your best intentions, you can’t always dedicate the time you want to your workout. Sometimes, you have to squeeze what you can into the time you’ve got.

Despite his GOAT status, CrossFit’s ‘Fittest Man in History’ and five-time CrossFit Games champ Mat Fraser is no different. Speaking to Men’s Health UK exclusively as part of its ongoing virtual Weekenders festival (running every weekend throughout January 2021), Fraser shared some sage advice with those working to a tight timeframe.

“I’ve been in this situation a lot, where from getting to the gym to leaving, you have 30 minutes or 40 minutes,” he says. “For those ones, I’d say the easiest suggestion is setting up an EMOM, a workout that’s every minute, on the minute. Set up two stations, three stations, four stations—whatever you want—and the reason I suggest that, is that it’s a defined period of time. If you get in the gym and think ‘I need to be out the door in 30 minutes’, set up a 24 or 25-minute EMOM. You have two minutes to set-up and you have two minutes to tear down.”

You can use the first round as a warm-up, Fraser says. “I do a ton of 40-minute EMOMs. It’s a huge part of [my] training, I do them once, if not twice, a week. They are grueling. When I’m tight on time, I’ll do the first four stations—the first four minutes—slow, and not at my desired output. I’ll get familiar with the movement, get my body warmed up and then the next 36 minutes, I’m hammering away. The big thing it’s that it’s a defined ending…I always set up the 40-minute EMOMs and try to aim for 40 seconds of work.”

Fraser’s not the only one utilizing this devilish protocol. Even Chris Hemsworth and his trainer, Luke Zocchi, use the method. Ready to give it a go? Try this 3-move workout for starters, which sends you into the fat-burning zone for a full 40 minutes

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