Meghan Markle news latest – Prince Harry's memoir may include MORE 'potentially disfiguring' revelations of the royals

ACCORDING to a commentator, in Prince Harry's upcoming memoir, he may include more revelations “potentially disfiguring to the image of the royals”.

Reputation management expert Eric Schiffer believes there is a chance the memoir will contain more damaging claims of the Royal Family.

He told “The book, I am sure, will be hobbling in some ways to the monarchy.

“And create a further perception of maiming by Harry.” 

“Not to suggest that this isn’t his truth, because it may well be his authentic pain that he chooses to further share – perhaps including stories related to his wife’s challenges as well.

“But I expect further spontaneous combustion.”

Referring to revelations and claims potentially damaging for the Firm, he added: “You are going to see, I think, more spontaneous combustion that may not be as horrific as some of the allegations from before but still, I think, potentially disfiguring to the image of the royals."

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    Kate & William accused of copying Meg & Harry

    Kate Middleton and Prince William have been accused of copying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they "jumped on the bandwagon" after they set a new royal trend of using social media, an expert has said.

    Popular culture expert Nick Ede told he has seen a change in the way that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge use social media.

    But he said the main change has occurred "since Harry and Meghan started to use social media in a really strong way".

    While Ede admitted social media is a method of "giving people an insight into their lives in a very controlled way", he also claimed the Royal Family were previously "a little bit scared of social media", as the monarchy is often "slower" to "move with the times."

    But now, he said, the Royal Family appears to view itself as more of a "brand".

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    William and Kate 'overwhelmed by remorse' after royal tour

    A source has claimed that Prince William and Middleton are "overwhelmed with remorse" following their Caribbean royal tour – which was plagued with protests.

    The tour was tainted by protests calling for reparations from the Royal Family over their links to the slave trade.

    Prior to their arrival, Indian Creek chairman Sebastian Shol told the Daily Mail: “We don’t want them to land on our land, that’s the message that we want to send”, and then called the tour a “slap in the face”.

    A source told US Weekly: “It was certainly more challenging than expected given the protests. They obviously know the history, but being there during the protests was a real eye-opener.”

    William and Kate are "overwhelmed by remorse," the source added.

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    Jeremy Vine guests in heated royal row

    On Tuesday, The Queen was the focus of a heated clash on Jeremy Vine. Discussions and arguments were made by guests on the show over whether the monarchy and the Commonwealth should be scrapped.

    Panelists Marina Purkiss and Mike Parry got into a debate. Ms Purkiss told Jeremy Vine: "The idea of monarchy and the Royal Family all it does is to install classism, elitism, division, inequality."

    Mr Parry asked: "What about leadership…leading by example?"

    "They don't set an example," argued Ms Purkiss. 

    "The Queen sets an example because she wears a diamond-encrusted hat, a lovely example!"

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    Harry & Meghan ‘quietly hire’ Sony Pictures executive

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly hired Fara Taylor as the head of marketing for their production company Archewell.

    Variety reported that Taylor previously served as the vice president of global marketing partnerships at Sony Pictures, where she worked on high-profile projects.

    She jouned the Duke and Duchess’ company in September 2021.

    At the company, she reportedly oversees all global marketing efforts for Archewell’s three divisions: Archewell Productions, Archewell Audio, and the nonprofit Archewell Foundation.

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    Harry upset about not attending memorial

    Prince Harry was 'really down' about not returning to the UK for Prince Philip's memorial service earlier this week, claims a royal expert.

    Royal expert Stewart Pearce told the Royally Us podcast last week: “I believe it’s [Harry’s absence] largely to do with the security officials, and that Harry is actually really down about not being able to attend this remarkable day in celebration of his grandfather, for whom he has tremendous love.”

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    Queen 'compartmentalising' with Harry and Meghan

    A royal expert has claimed that considering the relationship the Queen has with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, she is very good at "compartmentalising".

    Speaking on Palace Confidential last week, royal expert Robert Hardman told the podcast: “I think the relationship with Harry is still very strong. There is a real fondness and a bond there, he’s devoted to her.

    “And she’s very good at compartmentalising. Talking to people who know her very well, there’s family and there’s business.

    “The whole issue of them leaving the Royal Family and their Sussex Royal website, all that kind of thing, that’s business — that gets dealt with separately.

    “But in terms of the grandmother-grandson relationship, it’s still very strong.”

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    Harry & Meg '100% aware how rude Phillip memorial snub was'

    FOLLOWING Prince Harry's no-show at Prince Philip's memorial service, he has now been slammed for being the only senior member of the Royal Family to miss out.

    More than 1,800 people attended the service to honour the Duke of Edinburgh, including 27 members of international royalty.

    However, The Duke of Sussex stayed at his £11million Californian mansion with wife Meghan and is now being criticised by royal watchers, and the public at his “shameful” absence.

    Richard Griffin, who spent 14 years guarding for the late Duke, said Harry’s absence was “a big disappointment for everybody”.

    He added: “People were talking about it. Certainly around where I was, people were saying that he should have been here.

    “All this nonsense about how he couldn’t get protection, as far as I’m concerned, was a pathetic excuse. He should’ve been here to honour his grandfather.

    “At the end of the day, if he was that worried about security, he could’ve stuck with his brother and father, who have got wonderful security, and he would have been more than safe.”

    Royal author and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward, who penned Prince Philip Revealed, also added the couple 'missed an opportunity' by not attending.

    "Harry must have known it would look petulant and rude. And if he did not Meghan would have," she said. 

    "The wall of silence was as loud as if they had shouted from the abbey rafters. The normally verbose duke and duchess of Sussex said nothing."

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    Harry & Meghan news you may have missed

    Here’s a round up of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle news you may have missed these past few days:

    • Meghan Markle and Harry ‘to attend Brooklyn Beckham’s star-studded wedding’ days after snubbing Philip’s memorial
    • Meghan and Harry would have been ‘blanked’ by Queen Mother after they did something ‘extremely rude’, biographer claims
    • Prince Harry slammed for ‘cruel snub’ to Queen by being only senior royal to miss grandfather’s memorial service
    • Milica Cosic

      Harry blasted as 'pathetic' for missing Philip's memorial

      Prince Harry is facing criticism after he skipped the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial, after he blamed his absence on the ongoing row over police protection when he's in the UK.

      Harry's former biographer Angela Levin blasted his decision as "pathetic".

      She told The Sun: "He is such a changed person.

      "It's difficult to know if he will even regret not attending.

      "The Harry I interviewed was caring and kind and instinctive.

      "Nowadays, he's so full of resentment."

      She said the duke "doesn't seem to have any broader range to care about things unless they are things impacting him and Meghan".

      "Many royals from abroad made the effort, yet Harry's pathetic excuse is that he didn't feel safe," she said.

    • Milica Cosic

      ‘Prince Philip service was tinged by one note of regret’

      This is a comment piece.

      IF Prince Philip was watching down over his moving memorial service at Westminster Abbey yesterday, we have a feeling he would largely have approved.

      The mood was solemn rather than sombre, the immediate grief at the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing last April having given way to gratitude for his long life of dedication, his inquiring mind and sense of mischief.

      Despite mobility struggles, Her Majesty — weeks from turning 96 — was determined to be at the Abbey. As with Philip, her stoicism never ceases to amaze.

      The service was, however, tinged by one note of regret — the absence of Prince Harry, who stayed away in the States after an unseemly strop over being asked to foot his own security bill.

      We think it’s a decision Harry will come to regret in time, if not already.

      After all, many other royals managed to fly in from abroad for the service without fuss, so why not him?

      Read the article in full here.

    • Milica Cosic

      William made ‘dig at Harry’ with ‘not telling people what to do’ comment

      PRINCE William’s comment about “not telling people what to do” was a subtle “dig” at his brother Harry, a royal expert has claimed.

      The Duke of Cambridge spoke out amid criticism of his eight-day trip to Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas with the Duchess of Cambridge last week.

      In a closing statement, he said the trip had brought into sharper focus “questions about the past and the future”.

      And he added: “Catherine and I are committed to service. For us that’s not telling people what to do. It is about serving and supporting them in whatever way they think best, by using the platform we are lucky to have.”

      Royal biographer Angela Levin suggested the comment was a dig at Prince Harry, who has been a vocal campaigner for causes close to his heart since quitting royal life.

      Speaking on Sky News, the author, who previously spent a year with the Duke of Sussex for an authorised biography, said of William’s comments: “I think he’s right, I think that worked very well to say what he felt without telling people what to do – which I thought was also a dig at his brother.”

      Harry has shared his views openly at a number of public speaking events since quitting royal life, as well as talking openly in interviews and as chief impact officer for professional coaching and mental health firm BetterUp.

    • Milica Cosic

      Meghan & Harry ‘to attend Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding’

      MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry could attend Brooklyn Beckham's star-studded wedding – days after snubbing Prince Philip's memorial, it's claimed.

      Speculation that the Sussexes will attend the bash next weekend is mounting after Spice Girl Mel B revealed Victoria and David Beckham will invite their own guests.

      Brooklyn Beckham will marry actress Nicola Peltz, 27, on April 9 at her family's oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

      The destination is a short flight from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's mansion in exclusive Montecito.

      The Sun revealed in July 2020 that the Sussexes will be at the top of the Beckhams' guest list for the wedding.

      But Harry is facing criticism after he skipped the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial, making him the only senior royal to do so.

    • Milica Cosic

      Harry doesn't want to come to UK 'without Netflix gang'

      A royal biographer has claimed that Prince Harry doesn’t want to come to the UK “without a Netflix gang of photographers”.

      Royal biographer Angela Levin has told GB News that despite concerns over his safety after his level of security in the UK was reduced, there is another reason as to why the Duke does not want to return.

      Ms Levin said: “I think that there’s another reason. He doesn’t want to come here without a Netflix gang of photographers and people there.

      “He needs to make another documentary because they’ve got lots of money and they haven’t really done anything.

      "I think that’s what it is, he wants to have that as an excuse.

      "He can go around everywhere and do all these things, but you can’t have your royal cake and eat it I'm afraid."

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      'I think it’s disrespectful'

      Thomas markle has blasted Prince Harry’s choice not to return to the UK for Prince Philips memorial service.

      In the most recent episode of Remarkable Friendship with Karl Larsen, Thomas has claimed that Harry’s decision is ‘the most hateful mean spirited, unforgivable thing anyone can do’.

      He said: “I think it’s disrespectful for a man to abandon his country.

      “Do I think it’s disrespectful for a man to abandon his grandmother and then refuse to attend his grandfather’s memorial ceremony and to also refuse to let the Queen see her grandchildren.

      “It’s the most hateful, mean spirited unforgivable thing anyone can do.

      “I send that right out to Harry, if you think you’re doing something good, You’re crazy.

      “You’ll never be forgiven for what you’re doing.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      ‘Prince Harry and Meghan Markle let the Queen down’

      Meghan Markle’s ex pal has accused her and Prince Harry of letting the Queen down by selfishly abandoning her at Prince Philip’s memorial.

      Lizzie Cundy insists Harry should have had disgraced Prince Andrew’s role of walking the Queen into Westminster Abbey.

      Instead the Duke of Sussex stayed at his £11million Californian mansion with wife Meghan, blaming his absence on a row over police protection — despite visiting the Netherlands in two weeks for the Invictus Games.

      The former model has slammed the excuse – and believes public opinion is turning on the couple.

      “It was pretty low and incredibly selfish of him and Meghan,” Lizzie told The Sun.

      “Prince Harry should have been there. Forget his moaning and his whinging and his swipes about the country, he should put his grandmother first.

      “People are getting sick of their excuses and the need for people to feel sorry for them.

      “It’s playing the ‘poor me’ card and there’s only so much you can take.

      “The excuses are getting worse. They’re getting tedious and no one is interested anymore.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Labour leader suggests William could have gone further on slavery remarks

      Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer suggested the Duke of Cambridge could have gone further in his remarks about slavery during his Caribbean tour.

      “He could have gone further,” Sir Keir said, but acknowledged “it’s a difficult one”.

      “I think that he may go further in the future.”

      On LBC radio, Sir Keir said: “William and Kate went on an important trip with important messages, including messages about the changing nature of the Commonwealth going forwards, and that is difficult.”

      The Labour leader said it was important for the Commonwealth to modernise to strengthen the bonds with the UK.

      But he was it was a “bit odd” for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to ride in the back of the same Land Rover that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh used 60 years ago.

      “In a sense what William and Kate were doing – which I applaud – is saying ‘we’re looking to the future’ but that all harked of the past so I didn’t quite see how that actually fit that well with the the aim of their trip.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Queen returns to virtual duties just three weeks before 96th birthday

      The Queen has held virtual audiences at Windsor as she kept busy with official engagements despite being only three weeks away from her 96th birthday.

      She welcomed the Ambassador of Ecuador and the Ambassador of Nepal via video link.

      The same day, she issued a message of thanks to those across the country who have planted more than a million trees for her Jubilee, saying she was “deeply touched” by the support for the Queen’s Green Canopy.

      The monarch has had a run of duties this week, attending the memorial service for her late husband the Duke of Edinburgh on Tuesday.

      The poignant service saw the Queen, walking slowly with a stick, on her first official engagement outside of a royal residence in nearly six months.

      A day later, she presented honours to Philip’s most loyal and trusted aides at special private face-to-face investitures in Windsor Castle.

      She invested the duke’s long-serving private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller-Bakewell with the insignia of a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO).

      Brig Miller-Bakewell, who was also Philip’s treasurer, was the duke’s right-hand man for 11 years, taking on the role in 2010.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Oscars bosses were so keen for Harry & Meghan to present

      ACADEMY Awards bosses were so keen for Prince Harry and wife Meghan to present the gong for Best Picture that they approached the couple last year.

      Sources told how chiefs pulled out all the stops to make the offer attractive.

      A source said: “Netflix were incredibly keen for their two big-name signings to be involved with this year’s Oscars.

      “For the first time ever, streaming services, especially Netflix, have a chance of cleaning up and winning some big gongs.

      “What better endorsement than for Meghan to be up there on stage?

      “Quite a way to justify their £112million salary.

      “Meghan is a huge supporter of women, and championing them, so Best Actress was an obvious category for her.

      “Sadly, though, as soon as Kristen Stewart got the nod, she couldn’t possibly go on stage and risk handing over an award to the woman who played her husband’s late mother.

      “So that idea was scrapped.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Inspiring Invictus Games (continued…)

      Ms Wales, who was one of the instructing staff while the Duke of Sussex was a cadet at Sandhurst, said it will be "exciting" to see him in The Hague.

      "It's always good to see cadets doing well, especially members of our royal family, so it will just be great to see him out there.

      "It's amazing what he's done and what he's created," she said.

      Reflecting on Harry's time at Sandhurst, Ms Wales said he wanted to be treated the same as everyone else.

      "He was the same as everybody he served with, and he did everything that everybody else did.

      "And he wanted to be a part of that whole process and not have any changes, and that's exactly what he did.

      "And as an officer he smashed it," she said.

    • Joseph Gamp

      'Inspiring' Invictus Games 'a powerful movement' says Team UK member

      The Invictus Games is "not just a sporting competition" but is also a "powerful" movement, according to one competitor from Team UK, which has gathered for a final training camp.

      The Duke of Sussex founded the games to aid the rehabilitation of injured or sick military personnel and veterans from across the globe, by giving them the challenge of competing in sporting events similar to the Paralympics.

      After being delayed by the pandemic, the next staging of the international competition will be in The Hague this month.

      Former royal army physical training corps instructor Vic Wales, 44, from Newcastle, is taking part in five events – rowing, cycling, archery, powerlifting and athletics.

      Ms Wales broke her back in a training accident 11 years ago and was medically discharged.

      She told the PA news agency: "Invictus is important. It's not just a sporting competition. It's a movement, a powerful one.

      "If you come and watch Invictus, you can see the importance of the games and what it means to people.

      "It's not just turning up and playing sports. It's another chance at life, it's another chance to rediscover yourself, and it's not about what you can't do anymore, it's about finding out what you can do."

    • Joseph Gamp

      Harry & Meghan news you may have missed

      Here’s a round up of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle news you may have missed these past few days:

      • Meghan Markle and Harry ‘to attend Brooklyn Beckham’s star-studded wedding’ days after snubbing Philip’s memorial
      • Meghan and Harry would have been ‘blanked’ by Queen Mother after they did something ‘extremely rude’, biographer claims
      • Prince Harry slammed for ‘cruel snub’ to Queen by being only senior royal to miss grandfather’s memorial service

      Anne only royal with Queen’s ‘exceptionality’

      The Royal Family is “falling apart”, a royal commentator has claimed, with Princess Anne the only one who comes close to the Queen’s “exceptionality”.

      Columnist Rod Liddle said that watching the service in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday, “you just got the feeling the whole thing is kind of falling apart”.

      Writing in The Sun, he said: “The Queen made it work, because she is an exceptional woman.

      “I don’t see that exceptionality in the rest of them — Anne, perhaps, excepted.”

      Harry upset about not attending memorial

      Prince Harry was ‘really down’ about not returning to the UK for Prince Philip’s memorial service earlier this week, claims a royal expert.

      Royal expert Stewart Pearce told the Royally Us podcast last week: “I believe it’s [Harry’s absence] largely to do with the security officials, and that Harry is actually really down about not being able to attend this remarkable day in celebration of his grandfather, for whom he has tremendous love.”

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