Michèle Lamy Holds Conversations Ahead of Moncler, Rick Owens Capsule Drop

CHATTING AWAY: Moncler and Rick Owens created some buzz on social media Wednesday, a day ahead of the launch of their collaborative collection.

Owens’ life partner, Michèle Lamy, curated a day of multidisciplinary and intimate discussions from Owens’ customized tour bus.

The Moncler and Rick Owens project involved customizing a tour bus, which is upholstered in Moncler’s signature duvet. The designer and Lamy took a road trip on the bus from Los Angeles Airport to American artist and sculptor Michael Heizer’s ranch in Nevada earlier this year. In February, the bus was taken to Milan to reveal the collection at the Moncler Genius 2020 show.

On Wednesday, Lamy held Zoom calls inspired by Jacques Rivette’s 1969 arthouse classic “L’Amour Fou.”

Conversation partners included Restaurant D’O’ owner Davide Oldani, with whom she talked about ethical and slow food, and Vittorio Da Mosto, cofounder of Venice Calls and promoter of sustainable living. Other conversations were held with Paolo Rosso, an art producer based in Venice who runs the Microclima, Guwahati research and RedHero eco-preservation programs. The final call was a cultural conversation with Alessio Ascari, founder of Kaleidoscope magazine, and Myriam Ben Salah, independent curator and director and chief curator of the Renaissance Society in Chicago.

Members of Lamy’s own family planned to wrap up the day with a live performance.

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