Models Discuss ‘Conscious Living’ in Virtual Talk

LIVING GREEN: Sustaining the pandemic is a trial in itself for many, but one of the takeaways from the ongoing crisis is the renewed interest in sustainability among consumers.

“Conscious Living” in its various forms was discussed during a virtual talk Tuesday night. Models Alek Wek, Emma Heming Willis, Veronica Webb and Mia Kang chatted about some of their environmental habits, the importance of mindfulness and kindness and other subjects. Beaming in from different corners of the world, they shared lessons they have learned during the pandemic and looked out to what is ahead.

The B New York-organized event had more than a few shout-outs for the new conscious lifestyle label, which featured Wek in its fall-holiday campaign. The talk was moderated by Alexandra Engle, beauty and lifestyle senior editor for Mind Body Green.

Kang said, “I think COVID-19 has kind of been a blessing in disguise for all of us and for humanity. Those of us who thought we were conscious and mindful individuals before, that just has expanded completely. This year has made us all reflect on our individual choices as a shared society. We really realized that our decisions affect one another, affect the planet, affect our general well-being.”

Paring down was a recurring theme. Webb, for example, said she is no longer buying, using or consuming anything that she doesn’t really need and love.

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Speaking from Thailand, Kang spoke of how a two-week vacation earlier this year is turning into a yearlong stay due to the pandemic. With limited options that she packed for her trip, she has learned to mentally let go of her belongings and she doesn’t spend 45 minutes in the morning putting an outfit together.

Not being able to be with loved ones, in addition to everything else that has been happening, “makes you realize how fragile life is,” Wek said. “In terms of sustainability, I learned to support locals.”

Willis emphasized the importance of three “Rs — reduce, reuse and recycle.” Acknowledging how her household have shifted, she has asked friends to come to her house and take five things out.

Webb said she runs her house like a ship now, and has removed about 500 things from her closet to have a more practical wardrobe. This year her philosophy has changed to do less, do it better and enjoy it more.

Hands-on as some of the tips were, there was also room to talk about the ideology of sustainability. Willis mentioned how sustainability and going green can be overwhelming, especially when people feel like they have to do it all and make sense of it all. Deciding what works best for your family can help to make everything more manageable, she explained.

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