Mrs Hinch shares the easy way she puts on a double duvet single-handedly & it takes no time at all

MRS Hinch has revealed the easy way she single-handedly puts on a double duvet cover – but you’ll need to turn it inside out first.

The cleaning queen, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, makes sure every inch of her house is spotless, and that includes a freshly made bed each morning. 

The mum-of-one shared her handy tips for making laundry easier, as she filmed herself tackling her bedding.

Sharing the clip to Instagram, she explained her method for putting on a double duvet solo – and you’ll need to turn your bedding inside out.

The mum-of-one said: "I make a corner puppets and pull it back on itself. 

“I do this with the duvet cover too!

“Turn it inside out and grab the corners and then pull it through.”

By turning the covers inside out, she can roll the pillow or duvet cover down, rather than trying to stuff the bedding inside the cases. 

The 30-year-old also revealed she buys textured bedding – called seersucker – meaning you can get away with not ironing it. 

And it's the reason why she has such a tiny ironing board, after her fans quizzed her over it.

Mrs Hinch, from Essex, said: “I’m getting asked lots of questions on how I iron a massive bed sheet on this tiny ironing board – I don’t guys.

“That’s why I buy Seersucker bedding, because this has even been tumble dried. 

“But when it goes back on to the bed,  it bounces back perfectly fine so I don’t iron my bed sheets, I don’t iron my pillowcases.

“So this little ironing board suits me fine down here.”

Finally she shared a snap of her pristine bed, pointing out how good the covers looked without being ironed.

She adeed: “No ironing these bed sheets, but look how they bounce back perfectly!”

After making up her bed for the day, the mum admitted she “couldn’t wait to get into bed tonight.”

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