Mrs Hinch shows how to deep clean your kitchen – and she VACUUMS her worktops

MRS Hinch has revealed she resorts to vacuuming her kitchen countertops after making a mess while cooking breakfast. 

The mum-of-one shared a snap of her untidy kitchen, after admitting to fans she usually leaves a trail of destruction when cooking. 

The cleaning queen shared the step-by-step process of cleaning her entire kitchen with her 3.2 million fans on Instagram. 

First Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, tackles the kitchen in a clockwise fashion – which she advises for any room. 

She said: “Clockwise clean: Walk into any room, start on your left (12 o’clock).

“Work your way round round clockwise until you’re back where you started.” 

And she added: "Always finish a clockwise clean with a hoover and mop the floors."

As well as her usual cleaning tools, including a Minky cloth, her £15 Wilko mop, a buddy cloth and all her fave cleaning sprays, Mrs Hinch gets the big guns out – her vacuum. 

She decided to use it on her worktops after revealing they ate toast for breakfast – and the crumbs got everywhere.

But she doesn't drag the full-sized vacuum cleaner into the kitchen, instead using the cordless cleaner which came with her Shark appliance.

The mum said: “I’m now hoovering this side of the workshop because we had toast here this morning!”

Mrs Hinch also uses another household item to get her kitchen sparkling – a squeegee. 

The cleanfluencer doesn’t just use it on windows or her carpet, as she gets a streak-free shine on her hob by going over it with the nifty tool. 

After spritzing her cooker, she added: “Then back to squeegee the hob!”

The mum proudly shared a clip of her newly hinched kitchen after she was done, adding: “Job done guys.”

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