Mum accused of 'sorcery' as she shows off washboard stomach 4 months after giving birth, but her advice raises eyebrows | The Sun

A MUM has been accused of "sorcery" after showing off her incredible washboard stomach just four months after giving birth.

Izabela explained that "sleep and breastfeeding are key" as she showed what she looked like when she was heavily pregnant, and what she looks like now.

In the latter, she pulled down the waistband of her leggings to show off her muscular, completely flat stomach.

"How? What is this sorcery?" one person commented on the video.

With Izabela responding by revealing she swears by sticking to a calorie deficit, following a healthy diet, breastfeeding and weight lighting.

But it was the revelation that she also cites "eight hours sleep" a night for helping her regain her pre-pregnancy figure that really raised eyebrows.

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"How do you get 8 hours of sleep with a newborn?" one wrote.

I've had my baby on my EASY method sleep routine since day 7," Izabela replied.

"8h sleep," another commented, alongside a laughing, crying emoji.

"AT LEAST 8 hours!" she responded.

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"You don’t get 8 hours of sleep whilst breast feeding a newborn , in what world?" a third sighed.

"Check out my recent video, it is possible while exclusively breastfeeding – maybe you will find inspiration," Izabela replied.

In said video, she explained that the key to getting her daughter to sleep so well at night was to go two to three hours between feeds in the day.

She does her last feed between 8 and 9pm, and then sometimes a night feed between 3 and 5am.

That's followed by a morning feed between 8 and 10am.

"We began using this method when she was seven days old," Izabela added.

"She is soon five months and we still stick to the routine with great success."

Others in the comments of the first video praised Izabela for her incredible post-pregnancy body transformation.

"Breastfeeding is such a hack!" one wrote.

"It literally burns more calories than intensive cardio

"Yes!" Izabela replied.

"And it’s the best you can do for your baby, and the easiest solution for a mother.

"Highly encourage breastfeeding, if you can!"

"The after pic when did u take it?" another asked.

"Did you use any band after labour to help get your stomach back in place?"

"Took it 3 days ago (4 months postpartum)," Izabela answered.

"and no, no band of anything tight around.

"Just lost of recovery and healing."

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"Plus good genes and dedication in the gym," another commented.

With Izabela agreeing as she wrote: "100% dedication and hard work before getting pregnant – that’s the best fundament."

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