Mum creates ‘dinky’ cupboard bedroom for her daughter, 11, so she can finally have her own room

A MUM was desperate to stop her kids bickering as they shared a room – so she decided to covert a giant cupboard into a bedroom instead. 

The mum explained her eldest had just started secondary school, and wasn’t enjoying sharing a bedroom with her four-year-old sister. 

Being together 24/7 over lockdown didn’t help matters, and the mum was sick of all the arguments. 

So she had the bright idea of turning the ‘dinky’ cupboard they used for storage into a bedroom, and says her eldest loves having her own space finally. 

The mum shared her transformation to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, showing off the makeshift bedroom. 

She wrote:So my daughter has just started secondary school and during lockdown really struggled to share with her 4 year old little sister.

“So we had a dinky room for all the stuff you store so I decided to make her own space and she’s over the moon. 

“It has no window but will eventually convert into a proper room but at the moment it’s doing the job and stopping the fighting.” 

More than 1,00 people commented on the post, admiring the mum’s handiwork. 

One person wrote: “Fabulous – bet your daughter’s just chuffed to have her own domain. Great job.”

Another wrote: “I would’ve loved that as a teen. Love the bed!”

A third commented: “Very clever and looks like a cute little den for her.”

While this mim raved: “I’d have loved a cosy room like this as a kid … I’d probs still love it now at 40 to be honest.” 

Although a few mums questioned why the four year-old didn’t get the small room, with one person writing: “Her own space. Perfect.

“One question – why does she get the little room and the 4 year old the big one?”

But the mum replied: “I gave them both the option on what they wanted and my youngest wanted the big and my eldest said 100% the small then.

“When my eldest gets to 16 I will swap them over and give her the big room with double bed etc. So works for us at the moment.”

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