Mum mocked for demanding babysitter works 12 hour days, never uses her phone & eats vegan food – for £57 a WEEK

A MUM has been slammed for trying to hire a babysitter to work 12 hour days, eat vegan food and not look at their phone – for £57 a week. 

A mum-of-two posted the unverified job advert online with some very demanding requests, including the sitter undergo a criminal background check. 

But she also wanted the babysitter to buy food for her children, who only eat ‘vegan, organic food’. 

And the lucky applicant can’t study, look at their phone or watch YouTube while babysitting. 

The mum also needed the babysitter to be able to work weekends ‘without notice’, all for the sum of £57 ($100CAD) a week. 

The advert went viral and was later shared on Reddit, and it said: “Looking for a babysitter to come to my 2 bedroom condo from 6.30am – 6pm.

“Two girls 6 and 2 both well behaved and polite.

“Must provide food (vegan organic food only!!!)

“Must be smoke free.

“Must submit criminal background check (will pay £2.84 ($5CAD) upon clean record, don’t ask me to pay for the check!!!)

“Women only!!! Must work weekends with no notice. 

No you cannot study / watch YouTube / be on your phone while on duty

“Price listed is weekly. After 6 months, if we are still conducting business, wages will go up to 150 a week.

“No you cannot sleep at my condo. No you cannot have friends over.

“No you cannot study / watch YouTube / be on your phone while on duty.”

The bonkers ad has racked up hundreds of comments, as people reckoned the mum was asking way too much – with some questioning whether it was real. 

Commenting online, one person asked: “Why would you expect a sitter coming to your house to provide food for your kids????”

Another said: “You can't study/watch youtube/surf on your phone for the 12 hours you are babysitting. Just stare at my children all day!”

A third pointed out: “Anyone else find it hilarious she mentions 2 bedroom condo? Like what does it matter how many bedrooms?”

This person wrote: “Maybe because the babysitter will do the cleaning, which is not mentioned but it is implicit.”

Another thought: “Someone needs to tell her that slavery is unconstitutional.”

This person commented: “I hope this is a troll account. I will never understand how people could leave their children in the care of someone who is willing to accept $1.66 an hour."

And somebody else added: “Life hacks – just employ someone for $100 and make it THEIR responsibility to bear all associated costs such as food for YOUR children.”

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