Mum-of-16 strip washes her entire family’s bed sheets and the results are absolutely stomach-churning

A MUM-OF-16 has shared how she bravely washed her entire bumper brood’s bed sheets – and the results were stomach-churning. 

Jeni Bonell, who has one of Australia’s biggest families with husband Ray, did a YouTube video on the easy-to-do process. 

She explained how she wanted to deep clean her winter sheets before folding them to put away in the cupboard for a year. 

Speaking in the video, Jeni said: “Today’s job is stripping! Stripping the beds, stripping the sheets. 

“It is summertime, it is hot here in Australia. Time to get the summer sheets onto the bed and the winter sheets off. 

“I have seen a process in some videos on Youtube called stripping your laundry and I’m going to give it a go.”

She shared how she planned to put all of the sheets into the bathtub filled with hot water. 

Jeni explained: “We are going to throw in our laundry powder, the washing soda and the Borax and see what happens.”

After adding the sheets to the bath, Jeni was shocked how the water started changing colour immediately. 

She said: “I’ve only just put these sheets in here and already the water is changing colour. That is gross. Look at what is coming out already.”

She said she was aiming to leave the sheets in there for four hours, stirring occasionally. 

When it was time to wring the sheets out and put them on the line, the busy mum was horrified by the colour of the bath.

She said: “My goodness gracious me! What just came out of those sheets? I’m thinking that was definitely worth doing.”

People were left shocked at her results and keen to copy. 

One wrote: “Now I seriously feel like I need to do some strip washes.”

Jeni and Ray are parents to Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn. 

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