Mum raves about cheap ‘potty bomb’ hack which she swears had her son toilet trained in half the time

 A MUM vlogger has shown her followers on TikTok a colourful trick to help potty train her son.

Jacquelin Castillo, a Chicago-based vlogger, shared a clever trick to get her son to go to the toilet on his potty.

Under the TikTok account @momlikeaboss_, Castillo shares endless videos on ‘Mom hacks’ – with everything from technology hacks, easy recipes and ideas for kids’ activities.

The self-declared ‘Mom hacks’ vlogger has produced an array of potty-training tips and tricks videos, helping mother’s with nifty tricks for their children.

Replying to a question from @nameunknown79, who asked: “So you have any tricks for boys??”

Castillo pulls out a small tub of Shaker’s Bath Dropz, which she describes as little blue tablets.

She said: “I like to call them potty bombs!”

Castillo described the easy way the potty bombs amuse her son whilst he pees.

“Throw them inside the toilet, and then you have your little guy pee on them.” She says, as text on the screen directs viewers to a link for ‘Potty training essentials.

“Then blue and yellow makes green, and they’ll have so much fun making the colours change!”

The video has garnered over 425,000 views in just over ten hours.

Castillo has also featured other ways of getting her son to use the toilet as well by using cute rewards to entice her children to use the bathroom, but this time by using a clever and fun soap trick.

The video shows Castillo holding a bottle with liquid soap and various fish toys inside.

She explains: “If your kids don’t wanna go potty, then they don’t get to wash their hands!

“And if they don’t get to wash their hands, they can’t release their toys from the soap!”

“And if they don’t release their toys from the soap, then we don’t get to go to the aquarium!”

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