Mum reveals easy way to teach your kids important phone numbers – all you need is some cardboard and hair gel

THIS amazing hack teaches kids to remember important phone numbers for emergencies. 

The super easy technique is great for your child’s safety – and it’s fun for kids too. 

A mum and Tiktok user who goes by the name Mothercould shared the hack with her followers, and they can’t get enough of it.

The first step is to get a zip lock bag, pop your mobile phone inside it, and trace the dialling pad using a permanent marker.

This way, the numbers won’t budge when your little one touches them.

Then, take the phone out, and fill the bag with hair gel. 

The texture inside the bag makes the experience “squishy and fun” for kids when they’re learning to dial, the Tiktok user explains.

Once your bag is full of hair gel, sandwich it between two pieces of cardboard and glue together.

The top piece should have a rectangular cut out in the middle, so you can still see the numbers clearly. 

Be sure to leave a space at the top so you have room for the next step.

Using a dry erase marker, write a phone number that your child ought to know by heart, like the emergency services or a close family member.

Your child can then practice dialling the number, and when they’ve memorised it, you can erase the number at the top and write a new one for them to learn.

The video has 2.7 million views and commenters are super impressed with this mum’s savvy technique.

One viewer wrote, “that’s so smart especially for 999 or 911 emergency numbers”, while another said: “Such a good idea!!! Do more pls.”

Some commenters who don’t even have kids yet were so inspired by the video that they saved it for when they become parents.

“I’m literally saving these at 18 so I can make these for my babies when I’m older”, wrote one viewer.

“Please do not delete this account I need it for when I’m a mum”, said another. 

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