Mum reveals trick to get wriggly toddlers who hate having their hair washed to actually sit still

BATH time is never plain sailing and when it comes to a child's hair being washed, you can bet that they'll probably kick up a fuss.

But what if we told you there was a way to avoid all the tears and the tantrums? One mum has shared her genius hack that might just be the answer.

They've shared their genius hack for getting their toddler, who hates having their hair washed, to sit still every time they do it.

Instagram account @theeverymom reposted a video originally shared by @itsmyrayeraye that revealed her clever mum hack.

Ditching the bath, the mum set up her toddler on a changing mat she lined up alongside the sink.

She says: "If you guys wanted to know a quick mum hack that washes your toddler's hair so they're not getting all crazy and getting upset, you just put them on this little thing that comes with their changing table – if it's removable.

"Buckle them in and you can wash their hair on the counter."

She was seen leaning her kid's head just slightly over the sink so she could shampoo their hair with ease.

Tantrums avoided, the toddler could be seen lying there as happy as can be.

Thousands commented on the post, with fellow parents branding the clever hack "life-changing".

One person commented: "Omg genius," while another said: "This is brilliant."

A third wrote: "This is life changing," as a fellow mum posted: "Great tip!!"

One mum had tried and tested the method, adding: "I literally just finished washing my daughter's hair like this. Even though she is a little older now, she still loves it!"

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