Mum uses a LEAF BLOWER to keep her kitchen clean after ditching the hoover – and she hasn’t looked back

A MUM has shared how she’s ditched her hoover and now uses a LEAF BLOWER to keep her kitchen clean. 

She called the change her “best mum hack” yet – and people are highly amused by the idea. 

Taking to the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, she said: “As a mum of 4 kids I am always looking for hacks so I can clean the house quicker.

“Well… I have quite possibly found one of the best mum hacks by far.

“Who needs a vacuum cleaner when you have a Garden blower and a broom (of course this is perfect for tiled floors, but I also found a few days a go that you can use it on carpet too).

“Blow it all in to one spot, and sweep it up. You can thank me later.”

She shared a photo of her leaf blower in action in the kitchen, and people have been saying they absolutely “love” her hack.

One person wrote: “I’ve been doing this for last two years everyone in my family thinks I’m going nuts hahahaha but it’s so quick n easy dust n get behind n under everything I love it.”

Another added: “i have never thought of this. omg gonna do under my bed!”

Meanwhile, one said: “Love it.”

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