Mums rave about Aldi’s £7 giant ice cream van which kids can colour in as it keeps them busy for hours

PARENTS are raving about Aldi’s colouring-in range with an ice cream van and pirate ship on offer, with mums saying it’s keeping the kids busy for hours. 

If you’re struggling to keep your brood entertained throughout the day, Aldi could have the answer with their £6.99 canvases, with a beach hut and a lemonade stand also up for grabs. 

The budget-friendly arts and crafts have proved so popular they’re sold out online, so mums are going bargain-hunting in the supermarket. 

Describing the range, Aldi said: “A great way to get them working together, this is a creative activity that'll keep them busy for hours. 

“Made from thick card that they can assemble by themselves, the finished product can be customised with colour and paint to really get their creative juices going.”

Raving about her purchase on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one mum said: “Thought this was a absolute bargain for only £6.99 in Aldi when the ones similar Hobby Craft sell are always over £15. 

“It’s huge and good quality. They also have a lemonade stand and a pirate ship one. Let the colouring commence! 

“I brought this in store, I’m not sure if you can buy online.” 

Another mum posted: “Not sure if this has been posted but this is a great buy from Aldi kept my son entertained all morning.

“They have the choice of a pirate ship, beach hut & lemonade stand price £6.99.”

This parent said: “Bought this at Aldi, £6.99 on specials. Something the first children to do. [sic]

"Have pirate ship, lemonade stand, ice cream van and this one. Came out today.” 

While another happy mum simply said her kids “love it”. 

The posts have racked up thousands of likes online as mums rushed to the supermarket to try and get their hands on a design. 

Commenting online, one person said: “This would keep the kids happy for hours!!!”

Another wrote: “Thanks so much for sharing I got in quick today.”

A third thought: “Might need to go find an Aldi now.”

Someone else commented: "Ooh I’ll have to get one of these thanks."

While this mum added: “Oh yes…. they will all love this thanks babe! Will hunt one down tomorrow.”

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